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    Baytri, other meds availability sans vet

    Lucifer, my Jackson's, has developed a pustule on his eye. He may have picked it up when we evacuated to Florida for Ike (it was stressful for all of us!). I noticed that he had trouble targeting crickets and so we were feeding him waxworms with Repti-Aid supplements. The other day, I noticed a...
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    Heating & Chameleons (tutorial)

    Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures and this fact is often misunderstood. It does not mean that they have icy-cold blood, but rather that they have no automatic mechanism, e.g. like mammals, to maintain their blood (and hence body) temperature. As such, when cold they need to move to warm areas...
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    Heat tape

    Is anyone using heat tape? My Jackson's likes to bask under the UV thinking that he is going to get warm (he doesn't). I am thinking about wrapping the fake branch that he lounges on with heat tape. That way on cold days I can give him some heat. If you are using tape, what brand?
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