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  1. Flamegurl

    Panther Male Behavior

    Ever since i came back from a recent vacation after having my brother watch my 10 month old Panther, he has been acting well more active and will not eat!! I noticed he recently dropped a sperm thingy. Have been trying to feed him his calcium and vitamin dusted food but he just wont eat, or...
  2. Flamegurl

    My guy turned yellow and orange!!

    So I ususally take my Panther Cham, Happy, outstide every day from 5-7pm when i get home from work. He has an outdoor cage that he chills in for a few hours. Ususally its in the shade and its in the low 90's as far as temp goes. Today he turned a color I have never seen before!! The...
  3. Flamegurl

    Going from small cage to big cage

    Going from a 16x16 to a 24x24 soon and need to know how to upgrade the lighting. Right now in the 16x16 cage i have a 14" Reptisun Hood that holds the 12" 10.0 UBV bulb and ALSO a regular basking light lamp with a 35 watt warm bulb. When going to larger size, what hood and uvb bulb do i need...
  4. Flamegurl

    Large Cage Needed

    Anyone have a large 24x24 Screen cage they are wanting to sell? I have been looking around on the Dragon Stand site and the price is fair, but wanting to see if i can take one off someone's hands first before buying new. I am a hand-me-down kinda gal. My panther is still in his original 16x16...
  5. Flamegurl

    Needing a large cage

    Anyone have a large cage for sale? Needing the 24x24 one due to my 6 month old panther growing quickly!! He is currently in the 16x16!! Email me at [email protected] or reply to this post!! Thank you in advance for looking!
  6. Flamegurl

    Panther is always dark

    Ive had my panther cham for about 6 months now and have noticed in the past few months, after taking him outside one time, that he just stays a dark color all day until he sleeps. He is also not as active. Wondering if these are signs of just being plain angry with me for taking him out of his...
  7. Flamegurl

    Chameleon constipation?

    So my chameleon has stopped pooping everyday, like he use to. He is about 4/5 months old and takes his supplemental calcium without D3 every day. Also eats a mix of Dubai/cricket and superworms. Last time he pooped was last week about 4 or 5 days ago and it looked healthy. Very large, but...
  8. Flamegurl

    Cage size question

    So my panther chameleon is growing fast!! Have had him for 3 months and boy has he grown, probably due to not missing any meals. He is about 8 inches from nose to tail. Anyways, was wondering when to give him an upsized cage? Right now he is in a 16×16 reptibreeze. Should i go to the 18×18 or go...
  9. Flamegurl

    Lighting question

    I am having issues with my 40 watt bulbs. When i mist the cage i put the basking fixture away from top of cage due to the spray causing them to burn out. Is that normal? I have gone through alot of bulbs because sometimes i forget to move the fixture and sometimes they go out after replacing at...
  10. Flamegurl

    Supplement confusion/questions

    Need to know what to use and when. Became confused when doing further research. I have a 4/5 month old panther cham. Everyday he gets crickets and roaches dusted with the calcium WITHOUT D3. And am dusting food with Multivitamins once every 2 weeks. Do i need to be adding the Calcium WITH D3...
  11. Flamegurl

    Cham will only eat crickets....

    I have had my 3 month old for about 3 weeks and he will only eat crickets. I have a cup set up where i have put worms and Dubai roaches. But because they don't crawl out, they don't get eaten and my cham, Happy, doesn't get a variety in his diet. He still hates me but i don't know what else to...
  12. Flamegurl

    New to shedding!!

    I have only had this little one for a week, and he is already shedding!! I was told he is 3-4 months old. Is this normal at this age? Still not sure on whether its a he or she....Thanks for looking!
  13. Flamegurl

    Please say its a male!!!

    Was told this little 3-4 month old panther was a male. I asked if they were sure and they said they were very sure. After doing more research, i am not finding any male parts!! Help! These are the best pictures i could take. He does not like me much yet. Thank you for looking!
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