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  1. SoberParrots

    What should a chameleon look like when basking?

    Hello, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? Happy new year to all. my chameleon got his new upgraded enclosure and he has been LOVING it. He’s been 100% trained to eat out of a bowl and is very healthy, went to my exotics vet that specializes in chameleons and they told me all is well and that I’ve...
  2. SoberParrots


    If white stuff comes out of my chameleons nose, does that mean the bulb is way too hot? I recently got a arcadia 75 watt bulb for my veiled chameleon who didn’t seem to enjoy regular household bulbs. He’s been LOVING the new bulb and has been bright and way more active, today I noticed some...
  3. SoberParrots

    Link for basking

    Can anyone give me a direct link to what they use for their chams basking light? Home Depot, Amazon or chewy would work great. I would do best ordering with a direct link rather than having to look around on my own. I have a 5 month old veiled chameleon.
  4. SoberParrots

    Dark coloring and enclosure move

    I’m going to Disney in about a week and my cham is going to be babysat by a friend of mine who owns some reptiles. Yesterday I placed just about 10 plants in his enclosure so he can have more areas to hide and keep up the humidity in there some more. — he’s been at the top and dark a lot. Do...
  5. SoberParrots

    Need an upgrade!

    I’m gonna upgrade this Christmas as the cage I currently have is glass and I do much prefer a mesh lined enclosure har-har. Any links from Amazon or other places for a good one for 130 USD or lower? Would be of great help. Please tell me your personal experiences as well.
  6. SoberParrots

    Eyeball issue?

    Today I saw that my chameleon had an eyeball issue. His eye seemed link of wrinkled in a way and more closed than the other. I had wiped away some goop coming out of it a few days ago. Getting him to a vet soon… what is this??
  7. SoberParrots

    Keeping Gnats away from my feeders!!

    I have feeder crickets for my cham in a bin (bin contains food, egg crates, etc) and I can NOT keep gnats away from their food!! It has been a pain! I tried the apple cider vinegar and soap trick but it’s been killing my feeders. Help!! And a picture of my chameleon, Ezekiel
  8. SoberParrots

    Mister leakage??

    Any idea how to fix this?? Is it normal? Did anyone else have this experience?
  9. SoberParrots

    Mister system

    I just got a good mister and I was wondering how long/often it should run. Every half hour? Every few hours?
  10. SoberParrots

    Dark coloring all day?

    His coloring has been dark all day, it may be stress due to him being so puffed up. Any ideas?
  11. SoberParrots

    Basking bulb advice

    definetly need to get a better basking bulb.. I’m going to petco today to restock on supplements as well. Any good brands and wattages recommended for my veiled?
  12. SoberParrots

    Happy updates.

    Hello everyone! I recently got my chameleon (who I named Ezekiel) on Friday, with all of your wonderful help everything is going good! he’s beginning to eat and drink. (As spotted on his nanny cam) and I’ve gotten the temp going well. More updates to come
  13. SoberParrots

    Let’s play a game….

    I’ve seen this posted on the parrot forums and I wonder if the chameleon forums would be just as good! Get some stress of your mind and come play this game! change one letter in a word to make a new word. I will start colds Molds
  14. SoberParrots

    MBD question

    How long does it take for a chameleon to develop MBD? after doing hours of reasearch on this forum, I bought better lighting for my cham that’ll arrive in a few days, in the meantime. Should I double up on the lamps to get the right temperature or wait it out? They are a baby (about a week or...
  15. SoberParrots

    Male? Female?

    I finally was able to snatch some pictures of their feet, male or female? They are also loving the new nanny cam instead of human interaction. My family are definitely stalkers when it comes to new animals. But the nanny cam (especially when I’m not at home) works wonders.
  16. SoberParrots

    Cheapest lighting??

    Is there any cheap lighting options that you guys recommend? Id just like to know this before I try anything way to expensive. Thanks
  17. SoberParrots

    Name ideas, anyone?

    Hi I made a list of names!! If you can figure out what they are from, double points to you haha! Anyways, I’d like to see what you guys like the most!! Pick one male and one female please! F - Sasha M - Ezekiel F - Tara M - Murdoc F - Maggie M - 2-D F - Noodle M - Russel F - Wendy...
  18. SoberParrots


    Hi! I recently got a veiled chameleon! (Today) and I’d really like to make sure everything about my lighting is okay. what is the wattage recommended? I am getting a stronger lamp since the temp is measuring 75 (way too low) is this (attached image of item) okay? Too low? Too high? also, I’d...
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