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  1. shmeenakoz

    Must sell

    Need to re-home my beautiful babies I have a 3.5 year old male Nosy Be and a 1 year old male Ambanja. They both come with Lg screen cages, live plants, light fixtures (heat separate from UV), mist king system, 1x dragon strand bottom drain pan, 1x dragon strand plant suspension pc (never...
  2. shmeenakoz

    My First panther chameleon

    Looks awesome!! Can you please come on by and help set mine up?! :) Neil is beautiful and LOVE that name!
  3. shmeenakoz

    Eating Troubles

    I wouldn't worry too much or feel too guilty about holding out with the tasty worm treats. I would however continue with offering Mr. Picky ( I mean Tony ;)) the horn worms as those are a good staple that will hydrate. If he loves worms also offer silks! My Kai is a VERY picky eater who started...
  4. shmeenakoz

    Gotta get this off my chest...I don't blame you for not reading it all...

    Thank you for being real and getting that out. I have not been here for awhile and I am surprised to hear that some have been attacked or bullied out of here. That is very unfortunate! I would have been completely lost without this site years ago when I started with my first chammy. I hope your...
  5. shmeenakoz

    My new chameleon seems ill

    Sorry to hear your lil' one has MBD :unsure: Wishing him a great recovery! You did what you needed to do and that is commendable! I will say though that most vets will say mealworms are good to feed; just know, they are great for treats every now and then. Best for these guys are variety with...
  6. shmeenakoz

    Not eating food; Moody and Seclude-y

    hi there, the only thing i can see in your descriptions is basking temp is to high for a juvie. Id aim for low 80's, and then back to 90's when he reaches the 9-10 month old mark. Also do you have a timer for lights? I would not go past the 12 hrs of light. In my experience with my oldest cham...
  7. 2>1 Moto does math

    2>1 Moto does math

  8. shmeenakoz

    Reptile Report Trophy!

    Soooo awesome!!! Congrats :) Kai says hello btw and he wants another brother ;)
  9. shmeenakoz

    Help, strange spot

    Update My little moto's strange spot turned out to be just an irritation. After keeping close attention I noticed it never became larger or cause for concern. He just shed and it looks like nothing was ever there! Yay!! He is happy as can be and eating like a pig :p
  10. shmeenakoz

    Tongue Issues :(

    I say just for peace of mind go to the vet and have blood work done. This will tell you a lot! My cham had tongue issues and because of the blood work showing slightly elevated calcium; it turned out my D3 contained an EXTREMELY high D3 content. I neglected to check the IU's :( Good Luck! Hope...
  11. shmeenakoz

    Help, strange spot

    thank you for the response!!! I took a swab to it today and it was hard with barely any "stuff" getting onto the swab. There was a slight (and I mean very slight) yellow that came off. I will try that and you better believe I'll be going straight to the vet if it changes in the slightest. Im...
  12. shmeenakoz

    Help, strange spot

    Ok so I was feeding my boys today and I noticed this on my baby (he is a year old in May). I wonder is it an infection from injury, or opportunistic fungus. :( Has anyone seen this before? Id rather skip the $200 vet visit if it can be remedied with otc topical meds. Thanks!
  13. shmeenakoz

    Ambilobe Panther not projecting tongue

    Just be really careful with how much d3 you are giving. An overdose is what caused my cham to loose tongue projection. I had to switch the brand and back off the d3 for a month or two and although he has much improvement he is still not 100%. Im glad to hear he is doing better though :)
  14. shmeenakoz

    You know your addicted and have it real bad when...

    As a devoted dog mom, you now wake up in the morning and rush down the stairs to say good morning to the chams before your fur-babies get any attention :o
  15. shmeenakoz

    Ambilobe Panther not projecting tongue

    What is the brand of D3? Check the IU's!! You may be overdosing, I accidentally did this to my Cham :(
  16. shmeenakoz

    Big Thanks to Heroic Chameleons

    He is so cute!! :p My vote is Oolong :D
  17. shmeenakoz

    Why feed chameleons every other day?

    I fully agree with you on this Carlton! :D
  18. shmeenakoz

    What's in my cricket bin?

    Most likely a parasite. Can you get a pic?
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    IMG 2777

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    IMG 2767

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