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  1. Tyzoone

    O'Shaughnessy's Chameleon Breeding

    This is an awesome thread! Also you need to post more pics of your O's!!!
  2. Tyzoone

    Comment by 'Tyzoone' in media 'Kepler'

    This is a rad shot!
  3. Tyzoone

    Comment by 'Tyzoone' in media 'Ambilobi'

    This guy is unreal! The babies you have posted on fauna aren't his are they?
  4. Tyzoone

    3D Printed Chameleons!

    The day has finally arrived! I'm finally able to offer my 3D printed resin casts for panther chameleons and tree frogs on my site found here: Here are some images (Please note that the actual product will arrive unpainted for the time being) actual product...
  5. Tyzoone

    Few upgrades and pascals new climbing Frame

    Woah this thread got hijacked something awful....Gadgetboy your setup is pretty rad looking! Is the bowl of water for the mister pump? I've heard horror stories about keeping reservoirs in the enclosures. Mostly because they poop in their water and then it becomes a contaminant and goes...
  6. Tyzoone

    Comment by 'Tyzoone' in media 'Uroplatus phantasticus'

    this guys so rad !
  7. Tyzoone

    Eye infection? Need serious advice

    Same thing was happening to my Panther . I tried all the home remedies and nothing worked... He eventually died a few months later. Recommend you find a vet who specializes in chameleons or exotic reptiles ASAP or you will lose him like I lost mine.
  8. Tyzoone

    Trioceros Johnstonii mating!!

    I love these Johnstonis! These guys are hard to find captive bred right? Do they come around very often for sale?
  9. Tyzoone

    get Your 3D color printed Chameleons!

    Thanks Candybugs for your kind words! I feel the same! If I had a printer I'd be spending all my money on materials to print these! That's why I've decided to have someone else do it...Plus a decent printer is still super expensive.... I hope this takes off too. I haven't done any beard dragons...
  10. Tyzoone

    get Your 3D color printed Chameleons!

    Hey All! Here's my attempt at a Jacksons! The Panther is in the printer as we speak and should be done within a few days. I'll get photos asap. Feedback is much appreciated!
  11. Tyzoone

    get Your 3D color printed Chameleons!

    Thanks for the complements! What are your thoughts on me painting the model to look like his sire? Granted I don't know how much your lil guy will resemble his sire later on :)
  12. Tyzoone

    get Your 3D color printed Chameleons!

    Thanks for your kind words. One could definitely do a fuax bronze technique on one of these pours and I think it'd look awesome! I currently live in Utah with my wife and 2 kids. Trying to live the dream as an artist!
  13. Tyzoone

    get Your 3D color printed Chameleons!

    Hey all! Here's a video showing a turnaround of the model!
  14. Tyzoone

    get Your 3D color printed Chameleons!

    I can definitely paint your resin figures for you. everything is still very early on however and I need to start crunching the numbers so I can proceed through the mold making process and in to resin casting. I will however, sell them cheaper unpainted as painting these will be quite a bit more...
  15. Tyzoone

    get Your 3D color printed Chameleons!

    Absolutely I'll offer an unpainted version as well for you artist types! It'd be great so you all can paint them to match your chams! Also a great gift idea for others. I'll figure out pricing hopefully by mid week sometime and get back to you.
  16. Tyzoone

    get Your 3D color printed Chameleons!

    OK I have to apologize for how much of a slacker I've been with these! I've sent the models off to print and it turns out that color printers are pretty much the worst things ever to work with when it comes to optimizing models for print...So....I'm taking different approach. I've made agood...
  17. Tyzoone

    Fischers Cham

    That fishers is SWEET!!! I'd snatch that right up if I were you. Also interested in a care sheet specific to fishers...
  18. Tyzoone

    Tribute to Mufasa

    That is a beautiful guy and sorry to hear he's passed! Thankyou for sharing him with us via the forum!
  19. Tyzoone

    After 19 years of waiting.... the real thread

    This thread is insanely cool and I can feel the seed sprouting in my brain for one of these. Do keep us posted on this guys progress and you need to share more pics :)
  20. Tyzoone

    Does anyone know where to buy parson's???

    Oh how we laugh!!!! but you all must admit you once googled the words "Parsons chameleons for sale"
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