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  1. deerharvester

    US Breeder supplies

    Hello fellow dwellers. I am looking to sell some of my stuff. I have a solar meter 6.2, this will save u your money in a year. I have had bulbs last a long time while others the normal amount, but you will always know when its time to change. Also I have a bunch of mistking nosles, and...
  2. deerharvester

    My main man Kalos

    Hi there forum dwellers, just wanted to share a pic of Kalos. He has been sporting some insane resting colors. He has been a pleasure to work with and a fan favorite amongst the family, he is truly a gentle giant. He is my largest male, as well as the most docile. Thanks for looking Scott
  3. deerharvester

    Holdback ambilobe

    Hi there forum dwellers! I am letting go of a wonderful holdback, he comes from a wc that came to me gravid. He is the only male of the 2 fertile eggs I got from the clutch. His temperament is excellent, and he bobs at the ladies. So, he will make an excellent pet or breeder. He...
  4. deerharvester

    Neon man

    It's been a while since I posted any pics, but here's a pic of neon man one of my newer male panthers. He was the meanest panther I've ever had, but he has really came around. I will still have to get one of him fired up but his resting colors are the most amazing I've ever saw, and his fired...
  5. deerharvester

    incredible blue bar ambilobies

    I am proud to offer babies from kalos and erosion, 2 amazing blue bar ambilobes! Their babies range from 2 to 4 plus months old. They have been bred to several different females. I can send additional photos as well as any additional information you would like to know. The babies will come...
  6. deerharvester

    couple of falys

    I had a couple of my falys out for some sun, one is cpt. America, he is a wc and was one of the hardest I've had to get healthy. The other is from Steve McNary's last import. Although, young he is quite gorgeous and camera phone pics don't do either of these gents any...
  7. deerharvester

    web site build

    Im looking for someone to put together a website for me i would be willing to either trade chameleons, or pay for the right price. Anyone experienced please shoot me a pm or text. I have some excellent ambilobe lines coming along. Thanks Scott 7249861076 only between 7am and 10 pm...
  8. deerharvester

    cpt. America

    With all the avenger movies, the boys named our newest faly cpt. America. Here he is showing off his red white and blue.! Ill get a newer pic up in the near future, he's officially parasite free but still has some cleaning up to do. Hopefully the pic doesn't get flipped, but everything i...
  9. deerharvester

    first breath!

    Spring is in the air, and the babies seem to have sensed it. These little ones have been cooking for a year. These little ones were produced by erosion/ noki female. Im very excited to see how they turn out. Scott
  10. deerharvester

    incubator build

    Just finished my little incubator build! I built it out of a wine cooler, that I found in the garbage. I wanted an incubator that I could just flick a light on and see if any have hatched without having to pull them out. I also wanted it to be fairly efficient. Everything used i had laying...
  11. deerharvester

    important news!

    Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has a happy holiday. Scott
  12. deerharvester

    shower time

    I gave josey some shower time today and snapped a couple pictures. It's a toss up between erosion, kalos, and josey for my favorite. They're just so dang friendly and beautiful. Thanks for looking. Scott
  13. deerharvester

    blue bar babies

    Hi there forum dwellers, I now am making my last clutch available from my Amber/erosion pairing. They are right around the 3month Mark. I have begun raising them in a more individual manner, and it has paid off. These guys and gals are gorgeous, and very big for their age. This pairing has...
  14. deerharvester

    blue bar babies

    Hi there, I have 10 females from a recent clutch that I'm looking to rehome. These girls are all big for their age and are eating everything in sight with dubia and crickets being their staples. Erosion is the sire and Amber is the dame, she is a ch from a wc and has proven out to produce blue...
  15. deerharvester

    nosy Faly

    I have a nosy Faly male, just over a year old im looking to sell. He comes from the chameleon company, aand his sire is droo too and his dame's sire is mr. Majestic. The only reason I'm selling him is because I only have 2 females, and 3 males and 1 of the females is his sister. His...
  16. deerharvester

    Blue bar, Ambilobes

    Hi there fellow forum dwellers. I have 4 males and a female that are just over 2 months. They are from the previous clutch I sold. They were in a separate container and hatched nearly 2 months later. Some of these boys are throwing some amazing colors for their age. Their sire is...
  17. deerharvester

    gorgeous girl

    I just wanted to post a picture of one of my faly girls. She is from the blizzard/zurg line. The girls just don't get enough attention on here, lol. She was really throwing off some nice colors. My phones camera doesn't do here justice and my photography Is very poor bit here's a couple...
  18. deerharvester

    josey wales! !

    Here's my new addition to the family. I usually let the boys name the chams, but I couldn't resist. He has crazy eyes, just like josey wales lol. He is cleaning up very nice, and is just done with his first shower. Thanks for looking. Scott
  19. deerharvester

    erosion baby

    Hi gang, I wanted to share a pic of one of my 3 month olds I'm going to hold back. I think he is just gorgeous, and I'm so proud to own him, or maybe it's the other way around. Lol. Thanks for looking. Scott
  20. deerharvester

    Blue bar babies

    I have for sale some beautiful baby ambilobes. There dame comes from a wc female and the sire comes from a yellow/red body blue bar. Their sire is very large, and friendly. He is 260 grams. The babies are nearly 3 months and ready for their new homes. I am asking 115 for females and 165 for...
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