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  1. stupidcat2y

    thin casque

    any reasonings why my chameleons casque is thin? I should probably just amp up the water eh?
  2. stupidcat2y

    Chapped Tail?

    Hey, My Chameleon Yoshi looked like he was having a normal tail shed but taking a closer look I see a little bit of trouble. It looks like his tail is getting chapped and cracked on the inside from (possibly) the cold and dryness around here. I do spray him lots.. but can anyone suggest maybe a...
  3. stupidcat2y

    Sprained Ankle

    My Chameleon, Yoshi, Somehow sprained his ankle recently. I thought I would shared this plight with everyone. I noticed him yesterday walking around his cage yesterday (100g) not using his back left leg to its full potential... so I took a closer look. It was clearly swollen. I had gone through...
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