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  1. kameleons jvo

    Trioceros Oweni

    I will send some pairs of this fantastic specie to the US in the upcoming weeks:) Anybody who has experiance or worked with them before?
  2. kameleons jvo

    acuminatus,viridis ,kerstenii,spinosus...

    In about a month i will recieve a big Tanzania shipment with several nice trioceros and kinyongia species but also several pigmy species. I can send them to the US please let me know what is in your interest and what is the price of these(regular )in the US We can offer: acuminatus...
  3. kameleons jvo

    New Tanzania shipment

    We just got a new Tanzania shipment in with some great species:trioceros fuelleborni,trioceros werneri,jacksonii merumontanus and top of the bill jeweled rudis From Hanang Mountains (i dont think these are in the US) i can send them if any interests in them please let me know Enjoy...
  4. kameleons jvo

    Uganda import

    Also Linda Davison will get a shipment of Uganda chameleons for more info go to [email protected]
  5. kameleons jvo

    jacksonii merumontanus

    Is this species in demand in the US for the moment? I can sent 15 pairs to the US ...
  6. kameleons jvo

    acuminatus in the US

    Is their a need for acuminatus in the US? I can send several pairs to the US if you want,whats the normal price range? Thanks for the help!
  7. kameleons jvo

    first ever import of Bradypodion Damaranum in the US

    Ok,Im preparing a first ever import of Bradypodion Damaranum to the US; If all the paperwork runs fine i can send them together with the Uganda Shipment(Medium January) Animals ate unrelated and about 5 months old,they come from one of the best EU bradypodion breeders their is! If you have...
  8. kameleons jvo

    4 new chameleon species found in Mozambique

    i already posted the link in my thread" some nice pictures "but maybe this is a better place. 4 new chameleon species found in Northern Mozambique:eek:
  9. kameleons jvo

    Laterispinis for the UK

    Chameleon laterispinis for the first time availlable in the UK; Juveniels are cb from my,for more info please contact Julian from Mujipanthers;)
  10. kameleons jvo

    cb namaquensis

    For people in EUROPE! I have some cb namaquensis available. For more info please send me a pm. Kind regards Jurgen
  11. kameleons jvo

    Parsonii for hamm(Europe)

    I have a few parsons for sale for the hamm fair in Germany in december. These are cb 2012. For more info please send me a pm. Regards Jurgen
  12. kameleons jvo

    Jacksonii merumontanum

    Hi For sale in Europe: I have 10 pairs of merumontanum for sale. I take pre orders or i can send them to the UK For more info send me a pm Kind regards Jurgen
  13. kameleons jvo

    Bradypodion Damaranum

    Here some pictures of the Damaranums from my German Friend. I hope to send a few pair to Paul near end of the year.. Enjoy
  14. kameleons jvo

    some nice pictures....

    Some nice pictures of mine and some friends their collection over the years... Enjoy
  15. kameleons jvo

    For the Brady fans...

    Uploaded with Enjoy
  16. kameleons jvo

    Kinyongia xenorhina

    Some Pictures of my xenorhina group. Regards Jurgen
  17. kameleons jvo

    For Hamm

    For people in Europe: I have some cb Mount Poroto Three-horned chameleons (chamaeleo fuelleborni)for sale. For more info please send me a mail. Kind regards Jurgen.
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