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  1. mcleodschams

    Captive Creations weight records

    I decided to post this blog not only for my records but to show what our reptiles are weighing at what age and species. I hope anyone reading this finds it helpful. I will be updating as I go. I have more previous weights as I have been weighing my reptiles for a while I just only started...
  2. mcleodschams

    Comment by 'mcleodschams' in 'Are Wild Caught Chameleons a good idea?'

    Great blog Edgar. This is great information. I follow these same rules. I believe that someone looking for a pet should stay away from wc and go with a cb chameleon. Wc are recommended for experienced keepers with breeding projects in mind. This is my opinion on wc reptiles in general.
  3. mcleodschams

    fruit fly culure how to.

    first you will need a 16 ounce dixie cup with a hole cut in the lid and cheese cloth glued over top or you can poke a bunch of small holes in the lid but i find you need alot of them as humidity builds too much if you dont have enough you will need abag of superflt from repashy...
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