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  1. Itz_bean

    Bad news

    I recieved some bad news last night my cham passed away she was about 5 months old, but my concern is that the day of her passing she looked super healthy, she always had bright bright colors i did so much research and i thought it was going amazing like i said before she looked very beautiful...
  2. Itz_bean

    is this plant safe ?

    i have quite a few indian hemp plants in my yard and i was wondering if they were cham safe ?
  3. Itz_bean

    Chams hearing

    So my sleep schedule is kinda off and I stay up till like 2 to 3 am everyday and play games w my friends, while I'm playing I like to listen to metal core and songs with alot of bass, how are chams sleep affected by that? Will I have to start listening to music with headphones or just at a lower...
  4. Itz_bean


    Im getting a baby cham soon and im setting up her enclosure and I wanted to know if the way I set the sticks up was good and if I needed to put more
  5. Itz_bean

    Is this plant safe ?

    I have these plants in my backyard that I would love to see in my cham enclosure but I have no clue what it is and im not sure if its safe for my cham
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