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  1. RobStac

    Shed at bottom half of tail won't come off

    Hey guys, my male nosy faly panther chameleon is about 2 years old, and he has had a full shed but now on the bottom half of the tail, I raised the humidity and have given him a few showers, but it wont come off, and when I try to help he just squirms, anyone have some advise on what to do ?
  2. RobStac

    Help.. New chameleon just regurgated

    Hey, so I got a adult male panther chameleon about 3 days ago, he ate right away after he was shipped to my house, its been three days and today I noticed he didn't take any food and then all of a sudden he leaned down and threw up a half digested ball of food, I own a few chameleons and have...
  3. RobStac

    Need advice please help

    Hey, so I just got a male adult nosy faly panther chameleon shipped to me yesterday, and I noticed that he was starting to sleep early while the lights were on, I have other chameleons and know that this is not a good sign, This morning the lights turn on automatically at 8 and he hasn't left...
  4. RobStac

    Just got chameleon shipped

    Hey guys, I just got an adult male nosy faly, he just arrived here in Winnipeg from Calgary, he was shipped by reptile express and everything went well, I have a few chameleons so I know the proper set up, As soon as I put the big guy in his new cage he ate and then slowly checked out his new...
  5. RobStac

    Changed chameleon to differnt cage

    Hey, so I have a carpet chameleon, he is in a large 5 foot by 3 foot flexarium that he is doing fine in, but I just found out that I am getting a adult male panther chameleon in 2 days so I switched my carpet chameleon into a little bit smaller cage, My carpet seems to be scared and has kind of...
  6. RobStac

    Early sleeping every night

    Hey, So I own a panther, a veiled and a carpet chameleon, my carpet I picked up about 2 weeks ago, I have the cage set up perfectly and temps hecorrect, but for some reason ever since I got him, hes very active during the day and eats and drinks normally, but for some reason everyday around 6...
  7. RobStac

    Nosy faly rare ?

    hey, so I just purchased my first panther chameleon a few days ago, I own veiled and carpets but now I just added a nosy faly to my collection and was wondering if they are rare, I got a deal on the shipping and they wanted 400 for the male but I bargained them down to 350 lol, so basically I...
  8. RobStac

    Baby Panther coming need advice please

    Hey, so I just ordered a Nosey Faly panther chameleon, its a baby and its going to be delivered on the 21st, now I have a veiled chameleon and a carpet chameleon all ready, so I have a 36 gallon screen cage set up its 16.5 x 16.5 by 30, and I was wondering is that a good size for the panther...
  9. RobStac

    Adding a carpet chameleon to collection

    Hey guys, so tomorrow I am picking up my first carpet chameleon, I have the cage fully setup and I want to make sure it all sounds good to you or if I need to fix something, so its 2.5 feet wide, 5 feet high, I have a large live fichus plant in the cage in the middle ( about 3 feet high ), I...
  10. RobStac

    How to keep indoor plant alive

    Hey so I just added a large plant to my enclosure, im not sure what it is, it didn't have the tag but im pretty sure its a fern, and I asked the guy if it was toxic and its not so its a go, but the top parts of the leaves are dying after like 2 days, I have a 18 inch 10.0 uvb bulb and one 100...
  11. RobStac

    Full Spectrum Lamps

    Hey, I'm getting ride of my coil uvb bulbs( Don't trust them ), and I just went out and got a Aqueon Deluxe Full Hood, it comes with a 18" t8 full spectrum lamp, I was wondering will this give enough UVB ?, never used the full spectrum long tube lights before not sure what it rly does
  12. RobStac

    Puss please help

    okay so I have a one year old veiled, about 3 weeks ago both his eyes closed and he will not open them, I took him to the vet and because they couldn't see his eyes they gave me batril encase its an infection, I have been giving him the batril shots and force feeding him and giving him water...
  13. RobStac

    Help please

    Okay so my male veiled chameleon started to keep his eyes closed about 2 weeks ago, he wont eat or drink on his own so I thought I could try to fix it by changing humidity levels and everything but nothing worked, so I took him to the vet three days ago and they said they couldn't get his eyes...
  14. RobStac

    Veiled dehydrated and wont drink

    hey, so my veiled has been having some issues with closing both his eyes and just sitting there, I got advice from a vet that it was to dry in the cage so he was dehydrated and that's what's causing the eye issues, so I went out and bought a mini humidifier that sits at the bottom of his cage...
  15. RobStac

    help fix the problem

    So my male veiled is about 9 months old, he has been closing one eye recently and rubbing it on the sticks, now I have given him a few showers just in case there is any debree in his eye but it doesn't look like it, when hes out of the cage his eyes are perfect and normal which makes me think...
  16. RobStac

    one eye closed and rubbing alot

    does anyone no why my veiled is closing one eye and once in a while rubbing it on the branch, I use a 5.0 uvb coil bulb, and he is well hydrated
  17. RobStac

    what could the issue be ?

    okay so I took a picture there for u because my veiled seems to be shutting his eyes a lot when he's in his cage and when I take him out, normally just one at a time, he eats and drinks normally I have a 5.0 uvb bulb, his poop is brown with the white that shows he's not dehydrated but from the...
  18. RobStac

    help any info helps please

    So I need some advise, my chameleon today was on the vertical basking spot at the very highest point of his cage, he spent a lot of time in that one spot and then I noticed that he had his mouth a little bit open ( which I no means hes to hot so I fixed that issue with the dimmer switch...
  19. RobStac

    Odd or what ?

    so I don't know what is with my veiled chameleon but he for some reason loves the heat at really high temps, I just checked his basking spot in his cage and its at 107F, at first I tried to lower it because its on one of those heat lamps that has the dimmer switch to control heat but when ever I...
  20. RobStac

    chameleon foliage

    hey, is it best for a chameleon to have lots and lots of fake foliage or just a little and more open space with sticks and braches for my chameleon ?
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