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    Jackson chameleon snotty stuff hanging on plant, fair warning pictures inside

    So I usually see poop answer such after the fact but found this hanging looks like he his very hydrated? I just wanted to know if this is normal stuff or should I be more concerned?
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    Odd thing about my Jackson

    Im not sure if anyone's else's chameleons do this or not. This is my first and he is a hoot. But he stays all nice and green all the time except while basking he gets abit darker. Wich i read they did that to help absorb more eat no biggie there. But everytime he goese to get water he turns...
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    Wanted to share my Sleeping jackson

    I am realy happy with my buddy here he seems to like his new enclosure alot.
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    new guy

    Hey there im happy to find a active community that have the same intrest that i have. Me and my wife own several diffrent reptiles. I recently made a new chameleon enclosure , and well just wanted a chance to show it off 8). I look forward to thumbing threw all the forums and pictures here...
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