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    Chameleon Setup

    I have a complete chameleon setup. I would like to sell it as a whole but am willing to part it out. Here is what I have with what I would like to get for each part. screen enclosure - SC-4 - 24 x 24 x 48 (in) - 65.00 Aquazamp - Premium Low Profile Rain Dome System - Black - 115.00...
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    Davinci's first day outside

    Couple of pics of Davinci's first day outside: Here he is trying to make his getaway:
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    Meet DaVinci

    Heres my little guy. Ive been meaning to post a pic but have been busy.
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    Cham sleeping outside of his cage?

    I was wondering if its an issue if my cham sleeps outside of his enclosure? I have been leaving the cage door open on my days off when Im at home in hopes that he will get out and explore. Well, today he did and now hes asleep outside of his cage. I dont want to disturb him as he has yet to let...
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    Ghann's Cricket Farm on Dirty Jobs

    I imagine some of you have already seen this but I came across this on youtube today. Its Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs at Ghanns' Cricket Farm Dirty Jobs at Ghann's Cricket Farm Found it pretty interesting.
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    Gut Load Ingredient question

    Hello, I am gathering the different ingredients in one of Sandrachameleon's awesome recipes and was wondering if its ok to buy the ingredients if they are in blocks and then throw them in the blender to turn them to powder. Here is the link to the recipe. SandraChameleon's Recipe The...
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    Aquazamp makes a lot of noise

    Hello, I want to know if anyone else's aquazamp makes a high pitch squeeling sound when its running. I have the low profile raindome and it makes an awful squeeling sound when it runs. I have included a video of it so you can see what its doing. If yours does or did this how did you resolve...
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    What questions should you ask your vet?

    Im about to get my first cham and want to make sure I find the most qualified person to be my regular reptile vet. What set of questions should I ask my potential vet so that I can be sure they are the right person to handle my new pet?
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    How soon for fecal tests?

    How soon after getting my cham should I have a fecal sample tested by my local reptile vet? I know that I should have one done at least every 6 months but want to know if I should have one done as soon as I get him?
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    River Rock in bottom of cage?

    Is it safe to put river rock in the bottom of my enclosure? I have a enclosure from and have drilled plenty of drainage holes in the bottom piece that comes with that. I know that ideally we wouldnt want anything like carpet, mulch, are any type of bedding down there due to...
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    Repairing torn screen

    I was finishing up my enclosure and zip tieing everything together and wouldnt you know it I poke a half dollar sized hole in the screen on the top of the cage. What is the best way to repair torn screen?
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    Differences in Repashy Calcium Plus products

    Can someone tell me the difference between the Repashy supplements Calcium Plus, Calcium Plus Lod, and Calcium Plus HyD? Should we be using one over the other for our chams? Also, How are those different from the Repashy Supercal products? I would also like to know about the Repashy...
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    Pics of your feeder setups

    Id like to see pics of everyones feeder setups. Especially ones where there are multiple species of feeders being kept. Im just trying to get ideas together for the best way to setup a population of multiple different feeder types.
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    Storing food

    I have a couple of questions. 1) How do you store the different types of feeders? 2) How much food do you have on hand at anyone time per cham? 3) Are there some foods that are easier to keep than others? Which ones? Setups for each? Is it practical for someone with only one...
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    Is it ok to not feed roaches?

    I want to provide as much diversity in my chams diet as possible but my wife is not ok with having roaches around. Is it ok to not feed roaches so long as I food a good variety of other things?
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    Yet another lighting question

    Hello, I thought I saw a thread on this before but I cant find it now. I have read many confilicting things regarding what percentage UVB is appropriate for our chameleons. I have read that they cant get too much, that they can get too much, that the screen on the cage causes a large amount...
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    Looking for good place to buy fittings

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a good place to buy push to connect fittings. I am trying to DIY a low profile raindome setup like the ones that aquazamp makes. Does anyone know a good place to purchase the types of fittings used in the kits that they have? I really like their products but I...
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    Painting an Enclosure

    Hello Everyone, I am getting prepared to start my venture into chameleon ownership and the questions are abundant. Im glad I found this site. Prepare for the questions. Question 1) I am looking at the enclosures at but I really dont want an aluminum colored cage. What would...
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