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  1. Thegreatfonz

    Looking for a second opinion on analyzing blood work

    Hello friends, So we took him back to the vet yesterday, and are doing a quote on quote kamikaze on his eyes since they still haven't fully gotten back to normal. We are doing ofloaxcin eye drops with serum from his blood (three times a day) along with baytril (once a day for 10-14 days)...
  2. Thegreatfonz

    Looking for a second opinion on analyzing blood work

    anyone have any input?
  3. Thegreatfonz

    Looking for a second opinion on analyzing blood work

    Heres a better picture of his eye.
  4. Thegreatfonz

    Looking for a second opinion on analyzing blood work

    Hello my favorite chameleon friends! Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon -Male panther chameleon. 4 years old now. In my care for 3yr 9months. Handling -He's handled close to every day. Feeding - Crickets are his main source of food. He'll eat 6-8 large crickets on a good day. He sometimes gets...
  5. Thegreatfonz

    Swollen vent? Impacted?

    I was able to get him into a vet yesterday. The lump has grown since last updated and it looks like it is actually an abscess that grew and not anything related to his hemipenes. The vet tried to get a sample and told me that all she found were some red bloods cells, neutrophils and sheets of...
  6. Thegreatfonz

    Swollen vent? Impacted?

    Hey friends, it's been awhile and recently I've noticed Renley's bulge has become rather large and I am unsure of whether or not it's natural or if his vent is actually ballooning due to impacting. He was having trouble expeling sperm plugs from his right hemipene about a month ago but I was...
  7. Thegreatfonz

    Direct light, vs. ambient light

    Although it may be not be perfect basking temperature/weather there are still rays of sunlight that radiate through the clouds and make it on to the chameleon. Therefore I would say that the little bit of real UV is better than the artificial we provide.
  8. Thegreatfonz

    Chameleon Fights

    First, Zen posted that video not Vinyonga. Second, that video is years old. Third, if you're keeping wild caught chameleons then they will most likely be more aggressive in behavior and placing two w.c males together would spark a fight.Territory to a chameleon doesn't necessarily mean just one...
  9. Thegreatfonz

    Discussion on color change?

    I was wondering if there was any discussion on here about the paper that came out in March 2015 on the panther chameleons use of photonic crystals to produce a rapid color change. Could anyone shed some light on this topic for me? Is unique to only the panther chameleon species? Does that mean...
  10. Thegreatfonz

    Spraying your Cham Directly when Misting?

    I make sure I spray my Panther chameleon directly everyday. I use warm water and spray my chameleons eyes gently with a stream of water so that he can rinse his eyes out. Also I will spray him directly multiple times if he's shedding.
  11. Thegreatfonz

    Medicating a Panther

    Easiest way to supplement a chameleon I have found is by holding the chameleon in one hand like the picture in the article Trace posted..I dont think a towel is very necessary, then use a plastic credit card to slip between the chameleons lips and gently push the jaw open. Then make sure you...
  12. Thegreatfonz

    Check out this MASSIVE Veild!!!

    Hoooo leeee sheeeeett thats a big boy. Not surprised with all the bugs you can find in the florida everglades. I appreciate the work these guys put in, they took the initiative to take the problem into their own hands in their free time it seems. Very cool. I'd love to join them for a herp hunt...
  13. Thegreatfonz

    Chameleon took a fall..possible broken arm

    Chameleon Info: • Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care?Panther Chameleon 1yr 4months • Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon? Everyday • Feeding - What are you feeding your cham? What amount? What is the schedule? How are...
  14. Thegreatfonz

    Chameleon took a fall..possible broken arm

    His foot never looked swollen to me. Yeah I've got a specific Dr. in mind for this appointment that I will take him to. But there have been times in the past where I have thought his hindlegs were both swollen but that went away and was months ago.
  15. Thegreatfonz

    Chameleon took a fall..possible broken arm

    So last week Renley fell from his free range and landed in an upright position. I did not fully inspect him after the fall I just brought him back to his cage and watched his movements and he seemed to be alright. Today I was bringing him out to his free range and noticed a bump around his...
  16. Thegreatfonz

    Flooded with paradilIs

    I think it's this. I read 3.5k panthers on one of the latest shipments. Does anyone know if this is a normal quantity to be imported at a time?
  17. Thegreatfonz

    Drinking out of water cups???

    The forums are not being responsive so I wasnt able to upload a picture of my setup but here's the link to psycho's post with all the info you need.
  18. Thegreatfonz

    Drinking out of water cups???

    I would continue misting for at least 3 times a day. You still need to keep the humidity at a high level for your chameleon.
  19. Thegreatfonz

    Drinking out of water cups???

    Multiple chameleon owners use caps as bowls with a dripper system set up to hydrate their chameleons, myself included. Every morning my chameleon will wake up and immediately head to his cap for his morning drink, its part of his routine now. I use velcro to keep the cap in place and remove it...
  20. Thegreatfonz

    panthers tail looks a little odd

    Looks like you got a kinked tail. Its all normal, do you know if he's had it since birth? It happened to my guy but I was never sure if it was cause he almost had it nipped off when growing up with siblings around or if it was something that occurred after being in my care. But like you said he...
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