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  1. herpthefuture

    Swollen right leg (t.hoehnelli)

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Triocereos Hoehnelii, female, 1.5yrs Handling - Once a week, if at all Feeding - Crickets, dubia, locust, wax moths, black soldier flies Supplements - Minerall, Reptivive, Arcadia Calciumpro, bee pollen Watering - Misting twice a day, it often rains at night so...
  2. herpthefuture

    White/blanched, lethargic t. hoehnelii

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Triocereos Hoehnelii, male, 5 months Handling - Once a week, if at all Feeding - Crickets, dubia, (freshly moulted only) mealworms, locust (rarely when accepted) all gutloaded on carrot, bee pollen, spring greens Supplements - Minerall, Reptivive, Arcadia...
  3. herpthefuture

    Struggling to reach low temps (at 18c, need 10-15c at night)

    hello I am struggling to get my temps down to 10-15c at night, I have computer fans running but of course that only makes the air feel colder and doesn't lower the actual temps...planning on putting ice on top of the enclosure tonight and then I am considering a fogger but I've heard lots of bad...
  4. herpthefuture

    Misting or dripper for hoehnelii baby?

    I'm concerned that providing a dripper for the baby hoehnelii I will be picking up on the 24th would be too dangerous, seeing as they are incredibly small and the dripper I use has rather large droplets. I own inverts so have a very fine hair styling spray bottle that mists incredibly finely...
  5. herpthefuture

    chamaedora elegans for adult veiled?

    Would this hold an adult male veileds weight, or would I have to look at another plant? It's for a medium reptibreeze (outdoor enclosure/future hoehnelii enclosure) The exact chamaedora I am looking at is 65cm tall.
  6. herpthefuture

    Hoehnelii UVB

    Looking into purchasing a hoehnelii. I've kept yemens and worked with panthers before. What UVB do you recommend? I've seen Arcadia, but what % and type, or any other (preferably more affordable for the unit) brands are there?
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