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  1. J

    Bad smell...standing water

    EWWW. Will that is gross, now I have a mental image of you eating the mealworms, yuck, yuck, yuck.
  2. J

    mississauga reptile expo june 24/07

    I planned on going but so much has gone wrong in the last month. First someone tried to steal my suv and it cost me $825 to fix, them 10 days later someone broke into my husbands car, broke the window, damaged the door, stole the face plate on his stereo, ripped out the dash trying to get the...
  3. J

    eggs beginning to sweat

    It is so wrong to sell them before they are three months old because the death rate is very high in young chameleons, but I don't need to tell you that, you have been around this form long enough to know that. If you want repeat business then I suggest you keep them till they are old enough to...
  4. J

    Spinach ok to use?

    Wow Dave, it cost that much to blast a kidney stone. I guess as Canadians we take our medical system for granted because mine was free but our lovely Canadian goverment is really starting to screw up our system and we are starting to have to pay for some procedures, sorry for rambling on...
  5. J

    Sleeping on floor

    No, we only use the glass for babies, it will have screen on the top and front and three sides either wood or corigated plastic. That combo works great for adult chameleons. It will be similiar to this, he has two out of three completed.
  6. J

    Sleeping on floor

    Never mind, I figured it out myself. I put a fake vine on the floor in the corner where she likes to sleep and since then she is sleeping on the vine in that corner. She just has taken a liking to that corner I guess.
  7. J

    Sleeping on floor

    She is not trying to get out of the heat because she loves to sit under the light during the day. I use a digital temperature gage to check my temps so they are acurate. She only goes to the floor at bed time, not during the day. She is misted 3 times a day at least and is very active and eats...
  8. J

    Sleeping on floor

    Does everthing seem ok for her? When should I increase her basking temperature, I was told by the breeder to keep babies at 80 degrees but she never said for how long?
  9. J

    Chameleon Housing

    Open the doors on both cages and place them together so the openings are together and maybe he will climb into the new cage on his own.
  10. J

    Sleeping on floor

    Sorry for taking so long to post the temps but we had a power outage. Daytime Basking temp: 88 Other end of cage: 73 Humidity 52% Night time temp: 67
  11. J

    Sleeping on floor

    Here is a picture of her 15 gallon aquarium, sorry for the crappy pictures because I am in a rush because I am off to work now and her tank has a lot of water spots on it. I will get her temps tonight for the night temperatures and post later tonight. It is in the back left corner that she is...
  12. J

    Sleeping on floor

    Actually the floor would be colder because it is a glass aquarium (waiting for son to have time to make a new cage). I am in Ontario Canada and right now our furnace is off because it is getting warmer outside and she is in the basement where it is colder, usually in the mid to upper 60's in the...
  13. J

    Sleeping on floor

    For the last week my 4 month old female Ambanja has been sleeping on the floor of her tank at night. She is never on the floor in the daytime, just to sleep at night. Is this normal?
  14. J

    few questions

    Chameleons never like to be touched or even looked at. They want to be left alone 24/7. Sure you can try and handle them but it will stress them out and we all know stress can lead to illness and short life spans so bottom line is if you really care about your chameleon you will leave it alone...
  15. J

    help...what is wrong?!

    Do you have a stick or branch directly under and close to the light?
  16. J

    Green mouth?

    Thanks Kinyonga for the link, I looked all day and couldn't find a picture of a open mouth. Anyway, that is how his mouth looks inside, so now I can relaxe. Thanx again.
  17. J

    Green mouth?

    What colour is the inside of a panthers mouth suppose to be? I noticed today the inside of my 5 month old panters mouth is green. I tried to find some pictures on line but I can't. I have never seen inside of their mouths before so I am unsure if this is suppose to be the colour or not. He is...
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    [DATA.BASE][Chameleo C. Calyptratus]PLZREAD=Promoting the wellbeing of your chameleon

    In general this is a good idea but what works for one person may not work for another due to a few factors. For example, I live in a climate that is very hot and humid in the summer (can get up to 100) and very cold and dry in the winter with all the snow and ice. An all screen cage just won't...
  19. J

    New additions - Elliot's chameleons

    Wow Heika, they are so precious, congratulations and I hope it goes well.
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