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  1. Tannervan20

    Help panther dropped eggs on floor

    This is her first clutch and when I came home this evening I noticed there were nine eggs on the floor! She always sleeps in the same spot which is about 8 inches from the floor so I obviously know she just dropped them from there. I quickly ran for the egg bin and carefully placed the eggs...
  2. Tannervan20

    Trip to Cali!!!!

    Taking a trip to California this week from Thursday to Sunday. Staying with family and really considering bringing my 5 month old panther. Don't really trust anyone watching him. Its a 5 hour drive from my house, any concerns or recommendations I should take into account? I would be putting...
  3. Tannervan20

    Hatchling Panther set up

    Hey guys if you have any tips I would really appreciate it :)
  4. Tannervan20

    baby panther finally came in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ordered my baby panther from UNDERGROUND REPTILES. They had very good customer service and I would recommend them. The only problem was that I hadn't realized how TINY he was!!!! I was going to put him in with my other panther (which is 2 months) but he is just way too small! so I went to...
  5. Tannervan20

    Baby panthers

    Is this baby a male?
  6. Tannervan20

    baby panther

    hello, three weeks ago I received my panther in the mail and it seemed to have an eye problem... but it has gotten better day by day!!! only one problem.. I cant figure out if its a boy or girl!!! I had it outside today and It developed a blue patch on both sides of the cranium and also along...
  7. Tannervan20

    Boy or girl?

    Please help identify!!! Thank you :)
  8. Tannervan20

    Male or female?

    I really don't care either way!!!! Thanks!
  9. Tannervan20


    Hey guys does anyone know of eye drops that would help a baby Cham... I just don't really wanna wait a week if I order from lllreptile!!!! Thanks
  10. Tannervan20

    Rubbing eye on branch!!!!

    Please help. Does anyone know what it means when a Cham is rubbing their eyes on a branch.... Thanks!!!
  11. Tannervan20

    Baby panther chameleon eye issue

    Hey I'm new on here and I recently added a baby panther chameleon which I bought from lllreptile to my collection of two veilds.. Upon arrival I noticed its eye wouldn't open so I put drops of water in it to see if it helped at all but it didn't do much... It opens it every once in a while but...
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