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  1. Lpsouth1978

    Butt issues

    Could be, I have actually never has a stuck plug or hemipine issues before, so no first hand experience.
  2. Lpsouth1978

    Butt issues

    Well, Congrats, you have a handsome boy. The tail, coloring, and tarsal spurs on the back feet confirm it is male. What you are seeing sticking out on the "butt" is a hemipine. They will sometimes push these out when they poop. As long as they go back in there is nothing wrong with it. If...
  3. Lpsouth1978

    Butt issues

    That is a pretty normal occurrence, though are you positive this is a female? Can you post more pics of the entire cham, and some of just the back feet. It appears there may be a hemipenile bulge, indicating you have a male.
  4. Lpsouth1978

    New chameleon need help sexing

    It looks like there are no tarsal spurs, so it is a female. Spurs on the rear feet would signify male.
  5. Lpsouth1978

    Jungle dawn

    I would. I have ALL of my lights on the same timer (smart switch) so they turn on and off at the same time.
  6. Lpsouth1978

    I need help with timer setup

    I would agree. I actually use smart plugs for mine. I can set and control them using my phone. SUPER easy and much more accurate! Something like this.
  7. Lpsouth1978

    I need help with timer setup

    This one is actually pretty simple. I don't recall EXACTLY which way it goes so you will want to experiment with it. You will want to push all of the little tabs down for the times you want the lights on, and up for the times you want lights off. This may be backward, meaning up is on and down...
  8. Lpsouth1978

    Ambanja slowing down

    Happened to my guy Chuck a while back. Perhaps one of the more extreme cases too. Biggest help was natural sunlight. I started taking him outside as often as possible, for as long as possible. Within a few weeks he was back to normal. Check out my thread to see his before and after photos...
  9. Lpsouth1978

    Watering HELP lol

    If you don't want to put a hole in your screen enclosure, then the only real option is a hand held sprayer like the one @Highway61 posted. If you are looking for an automatic misting system, go with the Mistking starter system and be sure to get the screen wedge. Mistking is somewhat pricier...
  10. Lpsouth1978

    Urate looks like an egg?

    Looks a lot like an egg to me. Lets see what some other think. Calling @jannb @kinyonga @Beman @salty dog
  11. Lpsouth1978

    Please help, Peaches isn't feeling well.

    I will let some of the experts here help, but your girl needs a vet ASAP. With no supplements or dusting of the crickets, your girl, most likely has MBD. The lighting needs to be addresses as Mercury Vapor bulbs are not a good choice for chameleons. She is being fed too much too often, and her...
  12. Lpsouth1978

    Chamaeleon statues

    Wow! Those are cool and they seem to be surprisingly accurate.
  13. Lpsouth1978

    Chuck Norris finally made it!!

    I got a couple more shots of Chuck this evening. He is just SOOOO easy to get pics of since he LOVES coming out. He did fire up just a little bit hen he caught a glimpse of my other guy Bruce. PS - Before you all mention it, I know Chuck looks a little over weight. We are currently working on...
  14. Lpsouth1978


    It is hard to say on the gender from those photos. I can say that it seems to be dehydrated and the eyes are a bit sunken in. What is your hydration schedule? Misting when, with what, and for how long? Also, can you post pics of the entire enclosure? That could give us more info to help you get...
  15. Lpsouth1978

    Light confusion

    Well, that's a long way from Phoenix, AZ. :(
  16. Lpsouth1978

    Light confusion

    If you MUST go with the T8, then yes, use a 10.0 bulb. If you don't mind me asking, where are you located? I have a Reptisun T5HO fixture that I am no longer using. I would be happy to pass it along to help out a fellow cham owner.
  17. Lpsouth1978

    Light confusion

    I recommend getting the T5 version. This one would work GREAT!!
  18. Lpsouth1978

    chameleon hydration (misting, fogger, drip system)

    Definitely do not run the fogger during the day. High Humidity and heat are a recipe for respiratory infections. I like using a somewhat naturalistic method for hydration. Check out this link for some great information on hydration.
  19. Lpsouth1978

    Help with sexing baby panther please :)

    Perhaps a better representation is my other guy Chuck. Like I said Bruce was quite large @ 3 months. This was Chuck at about 3 months.
  20. Lpsouth1978

    Help with sexing baby panther please :)

    This was my guy Bruce @ 3 months. He was a large 3 month old though.
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