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  1. Tyaeda

    Can I feed him some egg?

    The guy who used to supply crickets to all of the local stores has gone out of business. It's cold outside so shipping from long distances might be a problem. Until I can find a new supplier or breed some myself, I was wondering if it were safe to feed my adult cham a little bit of scrambled...
  2. Tyaeda

    Female peacock chameleon

    I have an opportunity to purchase a female peacock chameleon from someone local to me. Before I commit to anything I was wondering if someone could tell me how their husbandry needa differ from a veiled?
  3. Tyaeda

    [Video] Hand feeding Mr.Pink strawberries!

    My cutey monkey Mr.Pink LOVES strawberries. He loves them so much he'll take them right out of my hand with his nemesis, the camera, in his face the whole time.
  4. Tyaeda

    Will crickets lay eggs in organic soil?

    title pretty much sums it up. Trying to breed some crickets in some organic potting soil. will they lay eggs in this or am I wasting my time?
  5. Tyaeda

    Female Veiled with MBD

    I went to my local reptile store where they had a rescued veiled up for adoption. She got MBD at a young age. It's been caught, and is no longer progressing, but it is evident. Both of her front legs have a slight curve to them, however she is able to climb with ease. Unfortunately this...
  6. Tyaeda

    Mr. Pink Can't Wait Till Spring

    Mr.Pink, like all of us here in Canada, can't wait until the warm weather is back!
  7. Tyaeda

    Breeding Chams in Canada

    While veileds seem to be available at any and all pet stores in Ontario. Panthers (and most other species) are not as easy to come by. Take the Canadian classifieds on this site as an example - as of right now, there's one post. With border regulations being what they are, it's difficult...
  8. Tyaeda

    Mistking drip valve problems

    So I bought a mistking, with a zipdrip and followed the instructions on their website to hook it up. (located the valve in between the resevoir and pump, hooking the second nozzle back to the zip drip like in the picture) It didn't work. Thinking the pump wasn't primed, I tried priming it with...
  9. Tyaeda

    Ultrasonic Pond Foggers?

    I have a problem with humidity in my house - especially now that it's winter and we have the heat going. I wanted to get a humidifier that I can have going for a few minutes a few times a day. I was looking around at different options, one was a reptifogger, another was a regular cool mist...
  10. Tyaeda

    Ficus Pruning?

    I'm not all that experienced with plants, but I want to try my hand at owning a ficus. I don't think I'll use it inside the enclosure, but instead as a free range perch that I can use when Mr.Pink's cage is being cleaned. I noticed a small problem with it though - they have a ton of small...
  11. Tyaeda

    What's generally considered High trans / low trans in a Veiled?

    I don't have any pictures, but the store that I get my crickets from has successfully hatched a bunch of what they are calling "Low Trans" Veileds. There was one little boy in particular that not only had no apparent fear of people, but also was the only one with white covering almost 2/3 of...
  12. Tyaeda

    New Cage Build!

    A couple months ago my parents gave my husband and I a solid wood dining table. A few scratches - nothing special. It soon became the dumping ground for random junk. Naturally, it didn't take long for us to find a new purpose for it :) Mr. Pink's current setup serves the purpose well...
  13. Tyaeda

    Wandering Jew Plant?

    I love the purple leaves on this kind of vine. I was wondering if anyone has tried these in there cham's enclosure, and whether or not you had any success? Pros and cons?
  14. Tyaeda

    Manzanita Branches

    I noticed that Manzanita is on the safe plant list, and there's a lot of wedding supply stores that sell this stuff for center pieces. I also noticed that they are cheaper than grape wood. I want to use free branches from nature, but if they don't work, or I find Mr.Pink trying to eat...
  15. Tyaeda

    Let me see those feeder cups!

    Making a new, massive, cage for Mr.Pink. This time we're doing it right, and not only will it be perfect for Mr.Pink, it will be beautiful to look at (all wires hidden, 3d rockwall background, all live plants, etc.) In saying that, I need to make / buy a feeder cup that will work well, but...
  16. Tyaeda

    Aquazamp raindome question

    I've heard nothing but good things about this system, and since my husband and I are going all out making Mr.Pink a new cage, we thought we would spare no expense trying to get him a nice mister. Right now we're using a Reptirain system, which is cheap, and barely does the job. We like...
  17. Tyaeda

    DIY 3D Foam Rockwall.

    Has anyone here made one of these? I've seen various tutorials on youtube for aquarium backgrounds, and would like to make one for the new cage I'm working on. I tried looking for ready made rockwalls online, but none of them even come close to the size I need (42" X 48"). The plan...
  18. Tyaeda

    Paint, Sealers, and other chemical related questions.

    Building a new cage out of wood and want it to look like a nice piece of furniture when I'm done with it. I'm also going to make a fake rockwall out of foam insulation, but don't know what to, or not to use. I was looking at some tutorials for DIY aquarium furniture, can I assume that if it's...
  19. Tyaeda

    Hornworm Care?

    We suck lol. Hornworms at our house do not last very long at all. It's hardly worth buying the things because if we buy more than 2-3 the rest die before we have a chance to feed them off. I've looked up different ways of keeping them, but nothing seems to work. Right now we're feeding...
  20. Tyaeda

    Movin on Up!!!!

    My husband and I just recently inherited a solid wood dining table, with a few dings. Nothing special - yet. We have big plans to build a new cage for Mr.Pink out of it. The dimensions will be 24" X 40" X 50". The cage we have now is 2'X2'X4', and was the first cage we constructed. It...
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