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  1. Lathelia

    Set ups for older and sick chams

    Hi all, I have a 7 yr old panther, who has been feeling worse in the last few months due to his gout. He has a hard time moving around his cage and recently he started falling off his branches. I know his time is coming, but before it does, I want to make him as comfortable as possible. Do you...
  2. Lathelia

    Sodiazot for gout - anyone heard of it?

    Thank you, that is intresting. I didn't know it could up calcium levels.
  3. Lathelia

    Sodiazot for gout - anyone heard of it?

    Hi, I just got an information from my vet about new product being used to help fight gout. It is called Sodiazot, but I'm not sure if it's available in US. I'm starting the treatment in a few days and will use it for a month (uric acid levels are twice as the norm in two of my chams - panther...
  4. Lathelia

    kinyongia boehmei feeding problems..

    Both flies and moths aren't very nutritious. Could you post pictures of them? If thats the only food they were offered Im worried they could be malnourished. Are they CB? Here are two usueful links about feeding and feeders:
  5. Lathelia

    Hendershot's 5 Years Old Today

    Happy birthday Hendershot :D
  6. Lathelia

    My little Stanley is 4 today!!!

    Happy hatchday! He is handsome boy :)
  7. Lathelia

    Neo, still my shy guy- but his colors sure are not shy

    wow his colors are awsome, he is so cute :)
  8. Lathelia

    Happy Birthday to Tate!!! (My Little Graceful)

    He is year old already? Happy hatch day Tate! :D
  9. Lathelia

    Furcifer Campanii neonate

    Congrats! I didn't know they are soo tiny :eek:
  10. Lathelia

    [Art] Panther Sculpture

    wow, great job :)
  11. Lathelia

    Just got back from Hamm (Reptile Expo)...

    Congrats! They are both adorable :)
  12. Lathelia

    Goodbye to Lenny

    I'm sorry for your loss. He had a long and happy life.
  13. Lathelia

    Squee died, poor little guy

    I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Squee
  14. Lathelia

    Yellow Lip Parsonii

    He is gorgreous! Are yellow lips always so blue?
  15. Lathelia

    How about some resting colors...

    He look good :cool: I like the white on him with those vibrant colors :)
  16. Lathelia

    Life, Death, and the beauty of Chameleon keeping

    I'm so sorry, that's terrible what happened, but we all learn from our mistakes. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Lathelia

    My Hatchling Photos!!!

    They are just too cute :) Congrats :D
  18. Lathelia

    Guess the Egg Count! SHAZAAM!!!!!!!!!

    My guess is 22 :D
  19. Lathelia

    Baby Jackson tail stays DARK. Just TAIL!

    When my pathers have blood samples collected, same thing happens and only on one side of the tail :)
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