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  1. Oliviabryant

    Jude after his shed

    I love this boy !
  2. Oliviabryant

    Killer ybbb ambi!!!

    Loki after his shed :)
  3. Oliviabryant

    Lokis Reds!

  4. Oliviabryant

    New T.sternfeldi!!

  5. Oliviabryant

    Loki and jude are stunning!

    Here's loki!- sired by Franklin jr Here is jude- sired by blaze
  6. Oliviabryant

    My new stud!

    I have yet to name this little cutie, but I can't stop bragging about him
  7. Oliviabryant

    Handsome little devil

    He is just 5 months old and smokin ! He is still settling in so it is hard to get pictures of when he is nearly all bright red and orange
  8. Oliviabryant

    Loki is a year old

    Mr.P could care a less about Loki
  9. Oliviabryant

    Loki :)

    ^ he was kind of peeved I was cleaning his house^
  10. Oliviabryant

    Mr.p :)

    Mr.P did have MBD as a baby, so you will see that has legs are swayed (This is a good example of how Petco takes care of their animals.) Although I do not like Petco- Mr.P is one handsome veiled if I must say so!
  11. Oliviabryant

    Loki still amazes me

    Only 10 months old and he is a stud! He recently started showing a large amount of red through his chin and legs! If his resting colors are looking this great, I can't wait to see him fired up.
  12. Oliviabryant

    Loki after a shed

    While he was tired he decided to show off a little more yellow !
  13. Oliviabryant

    loki :)

    hand feeding !!
  14. Oliviabryant

    Happy Halloween from Mr.P !

    Not the best editing but I though it was hilarious!
  15. Oliviabryant

    Lokis yellows !

    His yellows are so bright !
  16. Oliviabryant

    Friendly veiled !

    He's such a character! :)
  17. Oliviabryant

    Chameleon goggles !

    So adorable !
  18. Oliviabryant

    He's getting so colorful!

    I can't believe he's getting so colorful! I can't wait another 11 months until he's fully colored. He's starting to look a lot like his dad
  19. Oliviabryant

    Sleeping on an iPhone

    While Loki was roaming towards bed time he as my boyfriends phone and climbed on top and snuggled down and decided to go to bed there !
  20. Oliviabryant

    His colors just keep getting better!

    I wish I had better lighting for this photo, his colors are so intense in person.
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