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  1. lysinlight87

    Trioceros jacksonii jacksonii babies. Advice appreciated:)

    Hi :) My jacksonii jacksonii female (cb) gave birth to 14 babies 5 days ago & I just have a few questions if anyone can help? 11 have survived but there is one with a protruding eye that I'm worried about, seems quite weak and dark in colour- any thoughts? How often should I dust their...
  2. lysinlight87

    Poorly oustalets- possibly gastric

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Male oustalets, nearly 2. In my care for 16 months. Handling - Only to administer meds, force feed or shower. Which is unfortunately fairly frequent are the moment. He does not like to be handled. Feeding - Riker would typically eat 6...
  3. lysinlight87

    introducing Milo the mellers

    This is Milo, 1 of 3 mellers my local reptile shop got in (wc import). I was very lucky to get him, the females left as soon as they came in. He's gorgeous, very chilled out. He has a few battle wounds, but nothing a bit iodine won't fix. Waiting for his shower Beautiful tail Having...
  4. lysinlight87

    Calling all oustalet owners & cham vets please!

    Riker, my male oustalets is on hunger-strike & for some bizarre reason his head is nearly always black and white where the rest of him is brown. He has also lost weight. I've also had to help him with removing sperm deposits from his vent. His background can be found here...
  5. lysinlight87

    Petal the tegu

    This is my newest addition, Petal the black and white tegu. She's about 5 years old. I purchased her from my local reptile shop who took her on as a rescue. She was very shy the first couple of days & a little dehydrated when we got her home, but she's soon learned to like her new 7ft viv (the...
  6. lysinlight87

    Generally stressed/unwell

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Oustalets, male, estimated age 1 year, owned for 7 months Handling - Only when necessary. He is shy & dislikes handling Feeding - His eating has decreased in the past month. At first he was eating 30 feeders per day, then 20, then 15, but in the...
  7. lysinlight87

    Oak silkmoth as feeders? (Antheraea pernyi)

    I bought some oak silkmoth cocoons today, in hope of hatching out some pretty moths. Are oak silkworms/moths suitable as feeders for chameleons? I know they mostly feed on oak and that oak is high in tannins so I'm not sure. I'd be interested to know if they can feed on other plants & if that...
  8. lysinlight87

    Ferdy Skunk is home!

    Thought I'd start a fresh thread :) We brought Ferdy home on Monday. As predicted, being hand-reared has made him very tame & he's settled very quickly. At first he would cry when I put him to bed but now he doesn't mind. He is litter trained but has had a couple of accidents, wooden...
  9. lysinlight87

    update on a few of my guys

    My oustalets, Riker and Bluebell. As far as I'm aware, they're brother and sister. Riker is 550g & Bluebell is 160g!
  10. lysinlight87

    corn snake feeding issue

    So my cornsnake (11 months old) is the greediest little thing, normally. On 2 occasions he has escaped and eaten my hamsters (I now have a lock on his viv & my last hamster has a new, safe home) 2 weeks ago I gave him a frozen day old chick (thawed), the next week he didn't want his mouse...
  11. lysinlight87

    getting a skunk!

    I'm hoping to get a skunk. I've chosen a kit from a litter but sadly, mum ran out of milk so they are being hand-reared. It's touch & go for them, but I'm really routing for the fella! My OH is also very excited, which is nice. We're looking forward to seeing him play with my cat (all going well...
  12. lysinlight87

    my little family

    Love my guys :D Alfie- Nosy Be Bluebell - female oustalets Boo - male carpet Charlie- female ambilobe Neelix- veiled Bearded Pygmy Riker - male oustalets
  13. lysinlight87

    thermal burn?

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Oustalets, male, under 1 year old. Owned for 4 months Handling - Only to take him outside if the weather is nice, or to weigh him. Feeding - Daily. 20+ feeders. He mostly eats locusts but also enjoys crickets, dubias and silkworms. Feeders...
  14. lysinlight87

    Riker- oustalets

    This is Riker, my oustalet's boy. When I was told he would grow big, I didn't appreciate how big! He's still not full grown at 400g. He eats about 20 feeders per day & becomes most upset if I try him on every other day feeds. He's a gentle giant- very shy, doesn't like handling & just about...
  15. lysinlight87


    Love my froggies. I have an african bullfrog, tiny at the moment but I understand he'll grow to the size of a football! then there's my white's tree frog, he's very sweet but he thinks everything that moves is food including my hands and face! & the newest edition is my pacman frog, he doesn't...
  16. lysinlight87

    female python- feeding tips

    I purchased a female royal python 2 weeks ago (CF Jan 2013), it's been 3 weeks since she last fed. I've been offering her weaner rats that I've warmed up, she seems interested but won't take them (I leave them in over night). I've read that I should cut the rat so she gets the scent but I need...
  17. lysinlight87

    my little family update

    I currently have 7 chams, it was 8 but I sadly lost a pygmy. Here some pics. I'm hoping to pick up a female oustalets soon- as long as someone doesn't beat me to her. so we have 1. Neelix- 1 yr old vieled- extremely fussy eater & almost impossible to handle but seems healthy in spite of...
  18. lysinlight87

    Pickles the hedgehog- grumpy but so cute!

    I took my hedgehog's exercise wheel out to clean & didn't shut the cage properly. I left the wheel drip-drying in the bathroom. When I went to put the wheel back in I found Pickles had escaped, tracked it down & was running on it in the bathroom. Such a funny little creature- he had the freedom...
  19. lysinlight87

    Happy birthday Neelix x

    I don't know his exact hatch-date but I know it was around this time last year. I got him in may. Neelix has taught me almost everything I know about chameleons. He's also proved to be the most difficult. He'll only eat meal worms & silk worms. When I challenged him to a hunger strike, in hope...
  20. lysinlight87

    Our parrotlets

    My boyfriend keeps away from most of our pets cos he's nervous about handling them & doesn't know they're care- in other words, they're my babies, not his lol But he likes birds & has bred them in the past, so here are 2 new additions for both of us to enjoy. They live in my boyfriends...
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