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  1. PlowShredder

    US Yellow Body Blue Bar Panther Babies

    Yellow body blue bar babies ready August Sire: Odysseus (not related to kammer or ipardalis lines) Dams Sire: Steve Rogers RBBB A small number of males are available for preorder now at a discount
  2. PlowShredder

    US RBBB Babies Ready around 5/20/21

    RBBB babies are growing up fast! A small number of individuals will be available starting around 5/20/21. More Individuals will be available shortly after due to the different hatch dates of the clutch. Sire and Dams Sire pictured below, I will post pictures of the babies as they approach...
  3. PlowShredder

    Taking names for my RBBB Clutch ready around 5/20/21

    Taking names for my RBBB Clutch ready around 5/20/21
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    US Looking fot panther baby

    I am open to it
  5. PlowShredder

    US Looking fot panther baby

    Good morning Jr! I have 2 month old babies right now from a Red Body Blue Bar Ambilobe pairing
  6. PlowShredder

    US Jacksonii jacksonii Machakos Hills region

    Are they from WC bloodlines?
  7. PlowShredder

    US Ambilobe panthers for sale -Los Angeles area for pickup

    Hey ponders, I know it's been a while but please let me know if any of these are still available. Thanks!
  8. PlowShredder

    US [SOLD] 6 month Ambanja panther chameleons

    Let me know if you have any upcoming clutches.
  9. PlowShredder

    Laying bin

    Hey @Ag.parks , any update, how is your girl?
  10. PlowShredder

    Chameleon kit strikes again :( they got me!

    Wow @Beman , I aspire to give this level of help!
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    Any of the screen cages you asked about should be great, if the screen proves to be too drafty, you can always cover the sides in plastic wrap or even something more rigid to keep the heat and humidity in.
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    Love the outdoor cage @Gordita0405 ! #Goals
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    But if she is a ravenous hunter, by all means, the bigger the better so long as you meet the minimum 16+" x16+" x 30+"
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    How is she with hunting? Just want to be careful not to put her into something too big to be close to her food.
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    @CoChameloncompany1990 the babies are too cute! Good work, you must be a proud parent indeed
  16. PlowShredder

    Chameleon kit strikes again :( they got me!

    Welcome! I also bought the same kits for my panthers and am slowly biting the bullet and replacing with more effical equipment :)
  17. PlowShredder

    Denver Zoo Day

    Just stunning creatures!
  18. PlowShredder

    Opinion required

    The top is glass too?
  19. PlowShredder

    My Mistking doesn’t make a sound.

    Also make sure the pump is below the water reservoir so it can self prime. Although if the pump is on, you should hear something albeit a quiet something
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