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    my notes

    My personal notes on chameleon care. Noob test: I ask all noobs to buy a cricket keeper and 50 or so crickets. Try to keep them alive for a month focusing on gut loading watering and weekly cleaning. Crickets I use 4 large smokey clear plastic bins. The insides of the bin need to...
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    Hunter & Tigra logs

    Hunter & Tigra 9/27 Babies hatched (clutch #1) 12/24-12/26 Babies hatched (clutch #2) 2/14/2013 Breed Hunter & Tigra 3/11- 3/16 Babies hatched (clutch #2) 3/27/2013 Tigra layed eggs. (clutch #3) The expected hatch date is 11/27/2013 3/28 Babies hatched (clutch #2)...
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    Comment by 'biffle' in '1.2 WC Tamataves'

    3/21 Tommy & Tammy: Thier 4th day of reptaid. thier stool looks great. Thier 2nd treatment of safe-guard was today. Pumpkin: She is still not eating. her 1st day of reptaid. (forced) her 2nd treatment of safe-guard was today.
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    Comment by 'biffle' in '1.2 WC Tamataves'

    3/20 Tomato: His 3rd day of reptaid, He is eating really well. I do not see worms in his stool anymore. His stool also seems to be digested. His 1st treatment of safe-guard was today. He is up 13 grams to 98!!!! Tammy: Her 3rd day of reptaid, she is eating really well...
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    Comment by 'biffle' in '1.2 WC Tamataves'

    3/18/2013 I've had them for week. It's time to start treatment. Tomato: I'm still seeing worms in his stool. His stool looks dehydrated and undigested. Luckily he took to hand feeding superworms. I was able to inject .01 ML of reptaid into a superworm and give that to him. I also gave him...
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    Comment by 'biffle' in '1.2 WC Tamataves'

    3/14/2013 Pumpkin dug and layed 5 eggs.
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    Comment by 'biffle' in '1.2 WC Tamataves'

    3/13/13 Today tomato is eating good, alert, and exploring his cage. He has not picked a favorite sleeping spot yet. He has a stong really long tounge the rocks the side of his cage. His tounge seems much much stronger and longer than my CB panthers. Tammy has started exploring the bottom...
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    Comment by 'biffle' in '1.2 WC Tamataves'

    3/11/13 Pumpkin just pooed. It looks some what good... so did the egg she dropped next to her poo. Tam egg#1 is in the incubator. Tomato just eat 1 ML of reptaid in a superworm. I plan on giving him another .5 before bed. Tammy is still in shock. She is eating and drinking but not...
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    1.2 WC Tamataves

    I'm transfering this thread to a blog... Project Tamatave started 3/9/2013.... My Friend Mike (MaxTTU) and I were offered a chance trade CB Ambilobes for wild caught Tamataves. Needless to say but we jumped at the opportunity to...
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    biffle's Blog

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    Comment by 'biffle' in 'Fruit Fly Medium you can count on'

    For the Texans, my local HEB doesn't carry brewer’s yeast so i tried the HEB yeast labeled "for bread machines". I have a ton of flies too.
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