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  1. Tanner Grisak

    panther age help

    Ive owned this ambilobe panther for about two weeks now and would like to see if y'all can help me out with about how old this guy is. I know that they all grow at different rates and as adults the weight and length will differ for most chams. I also know I'll never really know exactly how old...
  2. Tanner Grisak

    panthers in the sun

    No name purple bar ambi male and no name ambanja female, she is starting to show a ton of blue.
  3. Tanner Grisak

    new panther!

    Got a new panther today! I'm loving him so far, he's such a sweetheart. Does he look like a cross between a tamatave And ambilobe? He sure has a ton of orange
  4. Tanner Grisak

    lip discoloration and not using tounge

    I've only had my ambilobe for a week and have identified these problems and shared pictures with the breeder and he seems to not think its an issue but I highly disagree. Since day one he has not used his tounge and discoloration has started to take place all over his lip line. I feel so bad for...
  5. Tanner Grisak

    new friend from krammerflage kreations!

    Received my new male ambilobe panther from krammerflage Kreations and I am very impressed! Owners Ed and Liddy are very amazing people to work with, by far the most caring and willing to help breeders I've ever met! Here are some pics of jimbo sire "loza"
  6. Tanner Grisak

    new to the fourm, here is my chams

    Dewey the 7 month old veiled
  7. Tanner Grisak

    please help with sex of panther

    I was told it was a male but I'm having my doubts, it is a baby ambanja about 3 months old. It is showing lots of blue and green on top of head, cheeks, arms and sides with a red underside. Any help would really be appreciated! Thanks
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