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  1. matt2310

    Anyone from MA looking to buy panther and setup w/aquazamp

    Have 6.5 mo panther with setup and everything and aquazamp mist system trying to sell in MA area lmk if interested
  2. matt2310

    Can someone tell me if this is a parasite or worm that didn't get digested???

    Found this worm type thing sticking out of a huge terd there was a orange chunk mixed in his white poo also
  3. matt2310

    Random Randall

    Been a little bit since I've posted a pic. Random Randall little older than 4 months now
  4. matt2310

    Help please

    My aquazamp went dry for about 45 seconds this morning once filled w water and turned back on one of my nozzles Is barely spraying now... How do I fix this
  5. matt2310

    Just 19 days since his last shed and Random Randall is back at it

    Shed 1 first day here. Shed 2 three weeks later Shed 3 Today, 19 days later This guy is a beast , eats so much I posted a pic of how big his poo was about a week or so ago and there has been one just as big everyday
  6. matt2310

    Random Randall

    Couple pics today camera sucks and he doesn't show his red and yellow much yet when cameras out but here's a little bit
  7. matt2310

    Almost 4mo officially renamed to Random Randall

    Lol. About a week till he's 4 months, looking cooler everytime I get home from work I took my tablet out for some pics and got tackled.
  8. matt2310

    Starting to trust me

    Little guy is starting to trust me more ice been taking him out more and hes been hand feeding a lot
  9. matt2310

    Someone order a torpedo?

    Haha found this massive beast a little while ago
  10. matt2310

    baby panther question

    just a quick question my panthers roughly 3 and a half months and he eats like a beast... kinda picky only eats crickets out of his feeder cup the other one with dubias he wont even go near and eats silkworms that roam his cage... but my question is, is it ok or normal for a baby to eat like...
  11. matt2310

    Took lil guy out for some sun

    Took my lil guy out today he shed on Friday for the second time since I've had him, he was showing a mint green and blue and some red and today some orange started showing
  12. matt2310

    2nd shed finally

    Came home for my lunch break and BAM finally second shed since I got him, he's 3 months, shed the first day I got him 8/2 and then again 3 weeks later today :)
  13. matt2310

    Snoozin 3mo

    Lil dude finally went to sleep where I could get a picture.
  14. matt2310

    We have been calling him Boston 3mo pic

    Had him for just about 3 weeks starting to look nice at 3 months he's had a couple diff. Names but we have been calling him Boston lately. Got a decent pic earlier.
  15. matt2310

    coastal silkworms

    thinking of ordering a POD of silworms and hornworms from coastal silkworms .... my panther will only eat crickets... i have two feeder cups one for crickets and one for dubias and worms he always waits by his cricket cup in the morning but COMPLETELY ignores the other cup.... he will eat a...
  16. matt2310

    Finally came today

    Aquazamp finally came today woot woot now I don't have to worry about spraying anything... Also added two pothos to the wall, got bigger rocks for the plants but haven't changed them yet.
  17. matt2310

    has anyones cham shed and then shed again a week later?

    Just wondering if anyones chameleon has shed and then a week later shed again? My cham shed last friday and usually eats 10 crickets by this time but today he looks darker and only ate about 3 but the base of his tail looks whitish like its gettig readyto peel?
  18. matt2310

    Water tray from LLLReptile work w/ reptibreeze?

    Anyone here know if the water tray from LLLReptile works with reptibreeze?
  19. matt2310


    How often do chams shed? Or how soon can a panther shed after a recent one?
  20. matt2310

    Our crib

    No names crib, feel free to criticize I don't mind.
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