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  1. ChameleonsByVanGogh


    You got to be careful there is suddle differences between the two and there is breeders and importers passing extremely gorgeous ambanjas off as them and charging lots of thing I have noticed....if the eye gets stripes and isn't solid in color its ambanja not amboto!!
  2. Got my eye on you

    Got my eye on you

    Ambilobe 1 week old
  3. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    February 2016 Photo Contest

    My entry i hope you like it
  4. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    Reptile friendly plastic?

    Im going to build a greenhouse in about a month ...i would like to know if there is any poly or other matierals the allow uvb threw would make things easier but im creative i will make it work just wondering
  5. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    Uninterested male but eager female ?

    How is the possible. He is eager to show the younger female interest but the other female is ready with no response ..I don't understand
  6. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    Hello people of this forum

    I have aspirations to move into Orange eyed parsonii and green giant Parsons
  7. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    Glass enclosure vs. screen enclosure for panther chameleon

    This is my happy guy bubble guppy in his 24x24x48 I got from Amazon prime for $89 beautiful!!
  8. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    Glass enclosure vs. screen enclosure for panther chameleon

    In my experience screen is best. It allows for the air to move freely threw the cage and allows the cage to dry back out after a misting that's important because of mold mildew and dust...I used glass before ..I had eye problems respiratory infections one right after another..since I switched I...
  9. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    Hello people of this forum

    Thank you very much I have another baby female as well . But I am expanding to a pair of faly and mitsio I cannot get enough
  10. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    Hello people of this forum

    I have been gone for a few years. I had a couple boys and move cross country. Lol that will take up some time...unfortunately Charlie has passed..he was 6 1/2 and was healthy and declined quickly after a couple of days. The vet said it was just his time his blood work and fecal came back normal...
  11. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    After long last I'm am back after 3 years thanks to the admins helping me find out my info

    After long last I'm am back after 3 years thanks to the admins helping me find out my info
  12. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    Uvb 10 or 5?

    power I use a powersun 160 on my cages its a great light now vision issues and provides heat uva and uvb
  13. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    New Chameleon Owner

    good research! Remeber your tempature gradient and when the habitat is setup make sure you have shady hiding spots. Crickets are good but you need a good gut load. There are plenty of vids on youtube to make your own then just freeze it in a ice cube tray. Plus you need a few other feeder...
  14. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    What to do with all these silkworms

    I would love some I have 4 6 month old and they will o8ve them
  15. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    Panther chameleon question

    no Breeding will happen when a healthy female is receptive and a male is near. The uva uvb is nessesary for life and for health. If your taking care of them right and the setups are right then it should happen
  16. ChameleonsByVanGogh


    fruit flys I I can send you some of my established cultures and some of my organic mix vitamin inhanced medium I just want some feed back on it
  17. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    wild Florida feeders

    research They have some good fat and as s treat they are fine. There are a couple of grasshoppers to watch out for too but if you take the time to educate yourself you can save lots of money and hsve some fun too. Also if you feed alot of wild insects check for paracites no less then every 6...
  18. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    wild Florida feeders

    I love living in florida now. I have not had to buy any feeders for the chames or geckos. There are locusts grasshoppers pill bugs all over the place. Take advantage of this great opritunity at a nice variety of good food for they kids will love to help!!:D
  19. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    Important news!!!

    No excuses ...I stand by my hobby and products. I have sold almost all the chams from the last clutch and the only problem is with my first offical sale figures. The flys are not s problem I will send more in a week if need be...or wait a sec.. ha genius! I will send some of my personal...
  20. ChameleonsByVanGogh

    Important news!!!

    its my faught andci admit my mistakes Shd your right I should have but didnt thanks for pointing out the mistake I was slready admitting have feeders comming tomorrow I got 3 cups ready to go. I need 2 of them im going to send you the other I dont think you should wait a week for the...
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