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    Comment by 'stalincat' in 'Chain Store Letters'

    Good idea Deca! I have a couple of thought. I think you need to stress even more that displaying animals correctly and giving good advice would make customers come back, thus improving their sales. They are not interested in keeping animal properly, their goal is sales.. so make it sound like...
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    Comment by 'stalincat' in 'Coccidia and how to fight it'

    Thanks Jan! I'll add it to the blog
  3. stalincat

    Coccidia and how to fight it

    So, you got your new baby chameleon. He is scared of you and doesn't eat. “Oh well,” you think. “He must need some time”. A month passes, but your baby is not growing or shedding and his lack of appetite is rather disturbing. At this point you probably go online and start asking whether it's...
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    Advice on battling coccidia & pinworms
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