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  1. vgaines

    DIY cork bark feeder cup

    Hope you don't mind but I think I want to attempt to make some of these... It is awesome looking..
  2. vgaines

    BBC Earth Chameleon Video

    Funny, I watched the same Earth series and I was shocked to hear him say that chameleons could change colors to match their surroundings. I told my daughter that I was surprised that BBC got it wrong..
  3. vgaines

    Veil NOT Veiled

    This is the care sheet on this forum.... humm I have always seen them called Veiled.... Makes you wonder how so many people are incorrect... JS
  4. vgaines

    plant pest harmful???

    From what I have read on this forum orchids are Cham safe.... I have one in with my Veiled's cage so I researched a little because I thought I had read that they were safe. Here is the link .. :) Virginia
  5. vgaines

    new cage

    I will be getting Penelope (female veiled) a new cage this month and I am thinking about the Dragon Strand Medium Tall Keeper cage with the Dragon Strand Laying Box. Is the laying box a good idea? I am going to do my best to keep her from laying but I want to have a lay box available just in...
  6. vgaines

    Penelope hates to be misted

    Sorry, Penelope is a veiled chameleon. I guess I am use to Rebel (my full grown male veiled). He will walk up to the mist and put his face in the spray and sit and drink. Her urates are nice and white but I know how fast they can become dehydrated and I am a worry wort. Thanks for the reply..:D
  7. vgaines

    Penelope hates to be misted

    Since misting seems to causes Penelope to run and hide today I decided to give Penelope a shower. Because she hates to be misted I worry that she is not getting enough to drink. Rebel loves his showers and will drink the whole time hes taking one so I though maybe Penelope might as well...
  8. vgaines

    Sage in His Christmas Hat

    Wow. One of the best pictures I have seen. Love Sage in his little red hat...
  9. vgaines

    When to cut back on female veiled's food

    Oops.. Forgot to attach pictures...sorry :rolleyes:
  10. vgaines

    important news!

    Merry Christmas.... Hope your day was filled with many blessings..:D
  11. vgaines

    When to cut back on female veiled's food

    Jann, sorry it took me so long to post these pictures and that they are not the best. Penelope really hates me as well as my phone.:eek: lol She is a great eater and is very active. I tried my best to get a measurement. She is aprox. 4 inches from nose to vent. Thanks, Virginia
  12. vgaines

    Fake vines with leaves and flowers

    I see a lot of set ups with lots of vines with leaves and sometimes flowers. Where does one get these? I need more coverage for my male veiled and the pet stores want way to much for the ones that look bad. I just want to add leaves a color that Rebel won't eat. He loves his greens and his...
  13. vgaines

    When to cut back on female veiled's food

    Thanks so much Jann. I will try and get a good picture of Penelope tomorrow when I get home from work. Is cutting back to every other day OK or does it need to be every third day? Right now her basking spot ranges from 80-83*. I try to keep it at 80* but it depends on the weather and if I...
  14. vgaines

    When to cut back on female veiled's food

    I hope I am posting this in the correct forum. I have read that in order to reduce,or prevent all together, females from laying you can cut back their feedings and keep basking at around 80*. I am not sure how old Penelope is but I am thinking she is close to 5 months. She still eats like a...
  15. vgaines

    Chameleon Christmas Light

    Best Christmas light I have seen...ever... Hubby did a wonderful job..:D
  16. vgaines

    Plant for eating

    I picked up a hibiscus and I have a 6500K compact florescent bulb on top of my screen enclosure and mine has been alive for over a year. It doesn't bloom a lot but it is growing and my veiled loves eating the leaves. I think he eats the buds before they can mature and bloom..My cage does set...
  17. vgaines

    Baby chameleon

    Here is what the care sheet for veiled's says about temps. Temperature: Baby/juvenile (<9 months): ambient 72-80F (22-26C), basking 85F (29C) Adult males: ambient 75-80F (23-26C), basking 90-95F (32-35C) Adult females: ambient 75-80F (23-26C), basking 85F (29C) You want to make sure that...
  18. vgaines

    Adult Dubias

    I was informed today by my daughter and son that I was not allowed to feed the adults to the lizards because they were playing with them and they named them. lol :D At this time I have two females and three males so I need to pick up some more females. I really want to breed them so I can...
  19. vgaines

    Adult Dubias

    I was at my local pet store picking up my daughters Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula and I saw a container of adult dubia roaches for sale. I about choked when I saw them. :eek: Not near as cute and non gross as baby dubia's. lol For a split second I thought that there was no way I could breed...
  20. vgaines

    New Photos of the Chameleons

    Jann I have to say that your veiled's are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Cooper is pretty cool too. I love my two veiled's and its so nice to see someone else you likes veiled's like I do. Thanks for posting such nice pictures of all of your babies. Virginia :D
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