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  1. squiggles13

    does anyone have any idea...

    what this thing is? It stuck one of my coworkers today.
  2. squiggles13


    I finally took the time to upload some pictures of Posh and CJ
  3. squiggles13

    Not eating

    So we have had our male nosy be for about a month. Up until we moved him to his bigger cage when we got our girl, he was destroying crickets. Now, he will strike at them, munch a little bit and spit them out. At first i thought they might be a little big for him, since our female is 2 months...
  4. squiggles13

    just curious

    our male nosy be just got upgraded to his new cage with a live plant, lots of dowel rods, vines and fake leaves closer to the top of his cage. however he insists on climbing on the sides of his enclosure. any reason why he would do this or is he just exploring?
  5. squiggles13


    We just bought a 7month old female panther and are having trouble coming up with names for her. She arrives thursday morning. Our males name is Cave Johnson (CJ for short)[[if anyone has played portal, you will understand]]
  6. squiggles13

    covering the cage

    Ok, my boyfriend and I just bought our first chameleon (Loki). He arrived May 1st. We had him in a separate room so when his lights went off, it was completely dark in there. Unfortunately, we had to move him into our room because someone is coming to stay with us for about 10 days, and...
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