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  1. lysinlight87

    Comment by 'lysinlight87' in 'i'm a bit of a muppet'

    I vow I will alway apologise if I find I am in the wrong. We all make mistakes, but I believe an honest sorry can go a long way.
  2. lysinlight87

    i'm a bit of a muppet

    why do I skim-read things? I know it gets me in trouble, yet I still do it & miss details. So frustrated with myself :mad:
  3. lysinlight87

    Comment by 'lysinlight87' in 'People are so critical'

    I wish this forum had a 'like' buttton. I agree with you totally. unfortunately, I am a gluton for punishment & keep posting. But with every post, I try to put up every defence I have to avoid unpleasant comments, & then wish I had some sort of armour anyway.
  4. lysinlight87

    internet diplomacy?

    Well, after getting myself caught up in, and observing, a few threads that have got out of hand, I feel I need a qualification in diplomacy! I think it's easy to take things personally & to forget that not everyone is set out to cause damage. For example, I found myself feeling hugely...
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    Comment by 'lysinlight87' in 'Idiots'

    oops, i hope i'm not one. I found myself too enraged not post on a certain thread that involved someone with NO knowledge of anything and an urge insult everyone. will stay well-away in future!
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