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  1. PascalsWager

    I Guess I Got Lucky with My Veiled

    I think I lucked out with my Pascal. He puts on a grumpy act sometimes, but it's all bluff. Once he's out of his enclosure, he's a sweetheart. I handle him a couple times a week and let him crawl around on me until he's ready to settle down for a cuddle. Tonight he decided the top of my...
  2. PascalsWager

    What a Difference! - Humidity

    Pascal has outgrown his little baby cage that was glass with the screen top. I misted him 4-5 times a day to keep the humidity up and it would dry out completely in between mistings. I moved him into a much larger all-screen cage and I was concerned that I'd have trouble keeping the humidity...
  3. PascalsWager

    Pascal's First Time Outside

    Pascal looks out his window wistfully, so today I decided he was big enough and strong enough to venture outside in the sun for a few minutes. It was his very first time being out of the house and the first photo was his first time feeling and seeing the sun. His reaction at first was...
  4. PascalsWager

    Another New Chameleon Fan

    "Pascal" (I let elementary school kids name him) joined our family two months ago as a two-month-old. I, too, preach the "Buy from a reputable breeder" sermon, but I saw him, so tiny and adorable at cough-Petco-cough and had to have him. He was even 50% off! I checked him over and he seemed...
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