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    Grumpy 3 Month Old Veiled Chameleon

    Thank you all so much for your insight! We've been trying to be more regular getting him out and handling him more so that he gets used to it more. He's getting better and not hissing as much anymore. Still not happy about getting out, but we're making progress :) We are trying to give...
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    Question about my veiled

    I'm having the same problem with mine :( We've had him since he was a week old, (Now three months) and he used to love being held. He would come right to the door when we opened it. In the last week, he now hides and runs to the back and also puffs up and hisses at us. I'm hoping he goes...
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    Grumpy 3 Month Old Veiled Chameleon

    Hello All, I have a 3 month old Veiled named Napoleon. We got him when he was just a week old from a reptile show. He has been doing really well since we got him. Eating, drinking, pooping regularly with proper colored urates. When we would open the cage door, he would come right towards...
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  8. My new baby Veiled Chameleon, Napoleon :)

    My new baby Veiled Chameleon, Napoleon :)

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