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  1. spawn

    C. brevicorne mating

    I have a WC male/female and they appear to have mated several times. So far I'm using this as primary information on husbandry: I'm looking for any tips on what to expect; timelines for laying/hatching, and when and if I should begin a Winter diapause.
  2. spawn

    Alternative Feeder to Roaches...

    I just moved into a new place, with my girl, and I do not think either the landlord or her would appreciate my bins of roach colonies (red runner, dubia, lobsters). The risk of them getting out is simply unacceptable. I'm in NY state. I'm currently trying to think of what would work/be similar...
  3. spawn

    Suggestions on hanging house plants

    Good house plants/potted plants/vines to hang other than pothos? For Jacksons and smaller chams...
  4. spawn

    Hanging lamp fixture?

    I want to setup a hanging lamp fixture (already have 18" bulbs and fixtures...) for UVB in my closet. I have a single rod going across lengthwise where clothes hangers used to hang. What is the most practical setup? Just a normal T5 fluorescent ballast? Are there any brands that are lighter...
  5. spawn

    Chameleon Breeders and Retailers - Where is Business?

    I wanted to reach out to the breeders of panthers and businesses who just sell chams in general. How is business? I see prices go up and down in cycles (not quite sure what the patterns are yet) and I was just curious what the state of sales are like in general? Compared to 6 months ago? A few...
  6. spawn

    Larger sized panther?

    This comes from a local craigslist ad posting: That seems pretty bulky. Have any pictures of impressively sized/developed panther males?
  7. spawn

    Lobser Roaches

    I'm looking for bulk Lobster Roaches. Looking for several hundred to a thousand adults. Please PM me with quote.
  8. spawn

    Glove brand?

    I have been avoiding it like the plague because I thought it was silly but at this point I cannot handle my bigger chams without ending up bloody. Both of my hands and wrists are covered in open wounds due to claws. What kind gloves am I looking for? I have such an awful sense of fashion I...
  9. spawn

    Rudis chams born

    So my Rudis chameleon gave birth to 10 babies. I have them in a exo terra nano for the time being with a 13w CFL 5.0 UVB bulb overhead. It's not bright at all and it's over a screen so I don't think it'll be a problem for them being too strong. How long until I should expect them to want to...
  10. spawn

    jacksonii xantholophus

    I'm looking for the largest subspecies of jacksons. I don't know where to source them. Most if not all the ones currently on the market appear to be WC Hawaiian or Floridian jacksonii. Please PM me if you have a source.
  11. spawn

    Montiums in the backyard!

    So I took some photos of my 2.1 montiums. First few of the female when she was gravid. She was so gravid you could literally see the eggs about to burst out of her backside! Then I took some photos of them in the backyard on a bush. Bonus oustaleti trying to blend in.
  12. spawn

    Ant feeders?

    I have some toads that eat mainly ants in the wild, but I cannot find any ant feeders for them. I found some websites selling western harvester ants intended for horned lizards (ironically called horny toads sometimes), but those have stingers, and I don't want to kill my toads. Does anyone...
  13. spawn

    Mossy Frogs (Theloderma)

    Looking for mossy frogs of any kind. WC and CB. Photo Credit: me Shoot me a PM if you have any or know of someone who does.
  14. spawn

    Giant Halmahera geckos - Gehyra marginata

    These are two LTC (6+ months) males, and I have a slightly deformed female. A bent jaw from a fight, not from malnutrition/lack of UVB/MBD. She is still able to eat on her own, just can't shut her mouth fully. They are all feeding on roaches (lobsters, dubia, discoids, etc.) and banana...
  15. spawn

    Big roach discoid 50 cent SALE

    I have two cultures of Blaberus species I want to get rid of. These are fast breeders and grow quickly. Perfect feeders for bigger animals like monitors, tegus, etc. Some bigger chameleons like oustaleti, verrucosus, panthers, & parsons also like the nymphs. First culture is...
  16. spawn

    Montane chameleons

    After watching Exo Terra's video on the visit to Cameroon, I was surprised to see that the forest(s) that had the Trioceros montiums actually literally had running water in the form of waterfalls in them. I also recall I think Chris Anderson saying the temp where the chams themselves were found...
  17. spawn

    Best way to hang branches?

    I want to turn my closet into a cage for large chams. I have large 40" pieces of wood 4-5" in diameter (pieces of lilac we just chopped down). I want to hang them horizontally across the closet. What is most practical/easy way to do this? I don't care about mess or messing up the wall. I'm...
  18. spawn

    Florida native chameleons

    It's come to my attention that several non-native chameleons now reside in Florida (when I say now, I don't mean it's recent, just that I recently learned it) including Veileds, Jacksons, and Oustaleti. I'm just curious what - if anything - people know about these species. Specifically the...
  19. spawn

    Ground Skinks (Scincella lateralis)

    I'm looking for a group of small ground skinks. They're common in southern US, found in forest and damp/decaying areas. Beneath leaves and rocks about the size of redback salamanders. (not my picture: Credit to California Herps) Please PM me if you can collect some. I'm interested in 10-15.
  20. spawn


    So we all talk about bee pollen and its benefits and all that good stuff, but what about actually pulling some bees in? It's summer time finally here in NY [or at least the sun says so] and I think my melleri would enjoy some wild caught bugs. Is the bee pollen pellets/powder I get from...
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