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  1. swick

    Fritz lets me hold him now

    I started out by touching his tail, and after like 2 months he would sometimes wrap it around my finger. Then I would just touch his foot, and eventually he grabbed it with his foot, and we did just those things for awhile. He had been cup feeding while I held the cup, and now occasionally he...
  2. swick

    Fritz lets me hold him now

    Fritz is tolerating some handling now. 2 or 3 times a week he will let me hold him for a few minutes at a time. Sometimes he keeps ahold of a branch with one foot still but usually he lets go. Slow and steady we have been going and it is paying off. Here is a picture taken today. Sarah 1.0...
  3. swick

    He's here!!!

    Love him! Such a good looking boy.
  4. swick

    Fritz, the nosy be

    Today, my Fritz let me hold him for the first time. He let me slide my hand under him and pick him right up. He did keep ahold of his branch with his tail, but he stayed on my hand for a minute or 2 and I tried to move my hand and he stepped off. I didn't get a picture of this but took one right...
  5. swick

    Happy Day!

    he is a shy boy, and hides when the camera comes out so I don't even try to get pictures during feeding time.
  6. swick

    Happy Day!

    Today Fritz, my nosy be, finally ate from my hand! Its taken him about 4 months to do this, so I am very happy!!!!:D Sarah 1.0 nosy be, 1.0 veiled
  7. swick

    365 Days of Malibu!

    I really, really love this! I think I am going to do this with my 2 boys and have the photos printed or printed in a photo book. And BTW your veiled is go precious, I love his eyes. Sarah 1.0 Nosy Be 1.0 Veiled
  8. swick

    munch hanging

    My little munch, kinda hanging upsidedown. Sarah 1.0 nosy be 1.0 veiled
  9. swick

    Tummy shot!

    Aww. How cute!!! sarah 1.0 nosy be 1.0 veiled
  10. swick

    Fritz at 6 months old.

    Here is my Fritz, a 6 month old nosy be. I love him. Sarah 1.0 Nosy Be 1.o Veiled
  11. swick

    he is starting to trust me

    Yeah for you guys and Mr. Pinky:). I try to hand feed, but he won't take it. He just gives me the look that says come on let it free, and after awhile, he turns away. He is ok with my hands in the cage, but no one else's. Usually he will let me pet his tail, and sometimes he'll wrap it around my...
  12. swick

    he is starting to trust me

    :D I have had my nosy be for almost 2 months now, and have been giving him a lot of time and privacy, but still slowly working on getting him to trust me. I haven't held him yet, but today he did walk across me hand :). I am very pleased with this. Sarah 1.0 nosy be 1.0 veiled
  13. swick

    Baby's first time out in the sun

    My sister lives out of state, so I face booked a picture for her and it took her almost 2 hours to find him, with directions, and help. Lol. Sarah 1.0 Nosy Be, 1.0 Veiled
  14. swick

    Chameleon took over my life.

    3 months ago I told my husband I wanted a chameleon, and I started my research, learned what I needed to keep one, and picked a breeder. Now I have had my panther 1 month and a new baby veiled a few days. I love them. Every time my husband and I go into ANY store we look to see if there is...
  15. swick

    Baby's first time out in the sun

    :D today I took little Munch out to get some sun. He was having a good time moving around he ficus and getting sunshine, until a delivery man walked up on the porch, and he turner around and practically jumped into my hand to make sure he was safe. The picture makes him look bigger than he is...
  16. swick

    So hard to say goodbye!

    You do have the prettiest babys. Sarah 1.0 Nosy Be, 1.0 Veiled
  17. swick

    Walker's just kickin' it...

    great pictures, and a very handsome man. Sarah 1.0 Nosy Be, 1.0 Veiled
  18. swick

    Fritz first shed

    Today was Fritz's first shed. I knew it was coming since I have had him a month now, and he has been extra moody the past few days, but when I walked in the room and saw him I immediately thought "what's wrong, is he dehydrated?" and about 10 seconds later I realized what I was seeing. Poor guy...
  19. swick

    What an awesome painting!

    I love it! What a great job. Sarah 1.0 Nosy Be, 1.0 veiled, 2.0 pit bulls, 1.0 cane corso
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