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  1. eswalker

    Getting first chameleon tomorrow!!!

    I've been wanting a chameleon for a little over a year now and after tons of research an preparation I've decided to go ahead and purchase one! Ive got my setup all ready and had a list of everything I got for my little man to be happy and healthy! Also, thinking of purchasing a mist system. For...
  2. eswalker

    Just a quick laugh!

    Just thought I'd share this! (Found it on Facebook, this is not me or my chameleon) :D
  3. eswalker

    Best First Chameleon

    Hello everyone! I'm somewhat new to the forum but I've been considering getting a chameleon for over 6 months now. I've done my fair share of research, including reading threads on here like nobody's business and buying a couple of books on chameleons. I'm more than confident in my ability to...
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