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  1. triumph

    Eggs fertile?

    I am sorry I have Veil Cham.
  2. triumph

    Eggs fertile?

    How soon after mating should I expect my female to lay eggs. Thank you, Doug
  3. triumph

    Variegated Schefflera??

    Its a great plant, I am useing two in my cages. It seems to hold its leaves a little better than the solid green. As far as repotting, I dont. I leave the plant in the same pot. These plants will go into shock with repotting and light change. They will drop leaves. I top off with organic soil...
  4. triumph

    Bottom substrate?

    Glass bottom can be done, it just requires more work regarding drying out. I started that way but then I went with screen with a drainage system. It has to dry out or you will have problems with mold.
  5. triumph

    Omar's cage is done.

    Substrate in a screen cage? I can't imagine that.
  6. triumph

    What plant is this????

    Definitely hibiscus runs wild in florida
  7. triumph

    check out my finished my drainage system

    Had that problem with mine, holes were drilled to big and some feeders got out. Had to correct.
  8. triumph

    Options to add another?

    We all come to a point when enough is enough. I have three Chams and would love a panther. I to am limited with space, also upkeep has to be considered. You mentioned eggs, that to requires additional space. It is a endless deal with my female. Last but not least my wife, she says thats it...
  9. triumph

    schefflera plant

    Put them back outside, and they are doing fine. Thank for your comment.
  10. triumph

    schefflera plant

    Well I have tried it all with my ficus plants light water fert, and they went bare. Listened to all your advise and still no luck. Living in sw florida I have no problem with them out doors, they thrive. I went with the schefflera, and they look great. I have three screen cages and have changed...
  11. triumph

    Glass Enclosures - Good? Bad?

    The biggest deal with glass is water in the tank and cleaning. Switched to sceen and sold all my glass.
  12. triumph

    Ficus plants

    I am maxed out with plugs. Really dont want any more fixtures. Thought what I have would work. I will try cutting out the fert.
  13. triumph

    Ficus plants

    Its frustrating when I hear others are thriving. I thank you for your comments.
  14. triumph

    Ficus plants

    While my ficus plants looked great for the first say two months now they are dropping most of their leaves. They are under a 50 watt bulb and a uvb100. They are under a mistking system 3 times a day. I also water the plants and use a liquid fertilizer. I have a drainage system so they are not...
  15. triumph

    Going away for the long weekend

    I to am leaving for a fishing trip three days in the keys. Mine are older than three months and having a mistking with auto lights I dont see a problem. I do as said feel water is number one. I mist three times aday what a pleasure with a mistking. I will load them up with food they should be fine.
  16. triumph

    What type of grow lights do you guys use for your plants?

    Just a follow up on the plant lighting question. I hope you dont mind. I am using 50 watt basking bulbs in all 3 set ups. All three have ficus for there live plants. The ficus has lost some leaves, and I would like to energize them. Is there a combo plant and basking bulb to use. I am maxed out...
  17. triumph

    Stupid panther question

    Hey Olivia you did the ground work on the pics. What ever they still worked for me.
  18. triumph

    Stupid panther question

    Nice pics Olivia I to will be getting a panther soon.
  19. triumph

    What misting system ?

    Two days with the MK system and what a pleasure. Having three cages I have a lot more free time. Well worth the price.
  20. triumph

    Mistking tubing

    I guess that is about all I can do. Been reading up on it. It is sure worth it considering all the hand misting I had to do. Thanks
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