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  1. toungeshooter

    Adult Male Veiled Needs Home North Cali

    I'm just outside of Sacramento, and willing...
  2. toungeshooter

    jacksons chameleon question

    I've heard that Jackson's chameleons can shoot the horns off as projectiles, for spearing larger prey items like buffalo, or gorilla. ;) All joking aside, I do think it would be cool if their horns were retractable, like a switchblade! Snikt!
  3. toungeshooter

    Open letter to Chameleon forums

    Fricken' Anoles!!!!.......LOL That's great about finally getting your Johnstoni. You should definitely post some pictures!
  4. toungeshooter

    Open letter to Chameleon forums

    Hello my fellow chameleon fanatics! Like most of you, I came to this site looking for like-minded individuals who share my passion, fascination, and obsession with the most amazing animal on the face of the earth. Well I found what I was looking for, and then some! Being a new member to this...
  5. toungeshooter

    Big Thanks to Heroic Chameleons

    How about skittles...
  6. toungeshooter


    Thanks for the feedback I was just thinking that chameleons and Venus fly traps have similar environment requirements I bet you’re right about not enough light at the bottom of the cage, but some kind of vertical planter would get it off the floor.
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    Just curious to see if anyone out there has used venus fly traps in a chameleon enclosure
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