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  1. eswalker

    Getting first chameleon tomorrow!!!

    I plan on getting an ambanja! He'll be a little over 3 months old. And it's not exactly 4 foot, it's under the screen a bit, and I don't plan on putting the heat lamp directly on the screen top, it will be raised up a bit so that he won't get burnt :) Thanks on the tip about the bamboo sticks...
  2. eswalker

    Getting first chameleon tomorrow!!!

    I've been wanting a chameleon for a little over a year now and after tons of research an preparation I've decided to go ahead and purchase one! Ive got my setup all ready and had a list of everything I got for my little man to be happy and healthy! Also, thinking of purchasing a mist system. For...
  3. eswalker

    Just a quick laugh!

    Just thought I'd share this! (Found it on Facebook, this is not me or my chameleon) :D
  4. eswalker

    first time chameleon owner!!

    There are so many issues here I don't even know where to start. But here it goes. 1) Chameleons are expensive. No matter what. Even if you are raising your own feeder insects to feed your cham. But I'm gussing you probably won't be raising your own feeders. So, expensive. Your allowance...
  5. eswalker

    first time chameleon owner!!

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  6. eswalker

    Best First Chameleon

    Thanks everyone! I've decided on a male panther :D Now just to determine which locale I want!
  7. eswalker

    New baby panther

    GREAT enclosure! I wish I had a setup this nice!
  8. eswalker

    I held Firnen for the first time today!

    What a cutie! Ohh, the chameleon too ;)
  9. eswalker

    She gets a chameleon and I dont?

    That video makes me sick. She had conveniently disabled all videos with her reptiles, so I had to reply on one of her other videos. Let's hope for everyones sake she took my advice to come here and get some knowledge!
  10. eswalker

    Take a guess.

    I'm not sure what you'll be getting, but I'm really digging your free range!
  11. eswalker

    Best First Chameleon

    Hello everyone! I'm somewhat new to the forum but I've been considering getting a chameleon for over 6 months now. I've done my fair share of research, including reading threads on here like nobody's business and buying a couple of books on chameleons. I'm more than confident in my ability to...
  12. eswalker

    Question about selling panther chameleons...

    $130-$150 would be a reasonable wholesale price for FEMALE panthers. As for males, I would require at least around $175-$200. Prices would vary for the locales and colors of the chams. Why not sell the babies individually on here (ChameleonForums classified section)? You would get a heck of a...
  13. eswalker

    A very unique Ambilobe

  14. eswalker

    Help please! Nervous red-bar chameleon; can't tame. happy but won't come out of cage!

    I find this video to be helpful. Do what he says in the video and you should be good. Free range, food association, and patience.
  15. eswalker

    Blue Ambanjas, unite!

    He is, quite possibly, the most beautiful panther I've ever seen! He is stunning!
  16. eswalker

    OUCH !!!!! Olive !!!! how do you carry your cham?

    Ouch! I don't think I've ever seen anyone with scratch marks like that! Small scratches maybe but not ones that make you bleed. He's a beauty, and I think you should name him Emerson, Julius, or Leon!
  17. eswalker

    So I went to petsmart today and saw something very sad...:[

    I live in Kansas and I have NEVER seen any type of chameleon in a Petsmart or a Petco! I'm almost glad I haven't because it would positively break my heart to see any type of animal (but especially chameleons) being mistreated. This needs to be stopped!
  18. eswalker

    You can call him Sammy

    What a cutie! He's a keeper for sure :)
  19. eswalker

    Angry at a neighbor???

    He is GORGEOUS!
  20. eswalker

    New Cham owner! HELP PLEASE!!

    I find this video has some good points. As others have said, hand feed and have the upmost patience. You can't rush him into doing anything he doesn't want to do. Free ranging can also help mellow them out. Hope this helps! Good luck!
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