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  1. JaclynCali

    Remi getting ready for bed

    I just love his pjs
  2. JaclynCali


  3. JaclynCali

    Remi finished his shed just in time for Easter!

    I've been waiting forever for Remi to shed and he finally did just in time for Easter. He turned a year in Feb. and weighed in at 201 grams today. All that red you see in new and I am so in love with it!
  4. JaclynCali

    New Pics of Remi

  5. JaclynCali

    Flash on flash off

    He was not feeling my phone tonight before bed.
  6. JaclynCali

    Happy Birthday Remi!

    Happy Birth Month Remi! Can't believe my big boy is a year old and now weighs 170 grams. He has been such a little joy to have and I love him so so much. Last February was the month he hatched and because of his pretty blue heart shaped bar, I'm just going to believe that Valentine's day is his...
  7. JaclynCali

    Remi's PJ's

    He looked so pretty tonight that I had to snap a shot. :)
  8. JaclynCali

    New pics of my boys

  9. JaclynCali

    Sweet dreams Remi

    The first pic was an hr before lights out and the second one was an hr after. Didn't mean to wake him up but he just looked so handsome ;)
  10. JaclynCali

    Update on Ziggy

    My sweet little boy is 19 months old now and weighs 122 grams. Can't express how much I LOVE him! <3
  11. JaclynCali

    Remi is 9 months old now

    Remi is still shedding on his back legs and tail but I couldn't wait any longer to take pics of him! It's really cold and cloudy over here so sorry for the bad lighting and blurriness (he wouldn't stop moving) ;)
  12. JaclynCali

    Shower + IPhone cam= one pissed off Remi

    His urates were yellow this morning so in the shower he went. He's so beautiful when he's upset lol..
  13. JaclynCali

    The dreaded eye issue continues! PLEASE HELP!

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Panther, male, 8 months old, and he's been in my care since he was 3 months. Handling - Usually every other day to take him outside to sunbathe. Feeding - He eats crickets, hornworms, silkies, dubias, and gets giant meal worms twice a wk as a treat. He...
  14. JaclynCali

    Remi sunbathing

    I got some good pics of Remi enjoying the AZ sun this morning. :cool:
  15. JaclynCali

    New Skin

    Ziggy and Remi both just finished shedding and look SO bright! Love my sweet boys :)
  16. JaclynCali

    Eye Problem- Please help!

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care? Panther, male, 7 months old, and he's been in my care 3 months. Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon? Usually every other day to take him outside to sunbathe. Feeding -...
  17. JaclynCali

    Veiled keeps trying to eat soil/perlite???

    I just recently moved from CA to AZ so my computer isn't hooked up yet and I'm unable to fill out the "how to ask for help" until I get my computer going... Ziggy is a year and a half now and the past few weeks I've caught him in one of his live plants (Croton) trying to shoot his tongue at...
  18. JaclynCali


    Can't believe my sweet man is 17 months old! They grow up too fast!
  19. JaclynCali

    More colors coming in!

    Remi is 5 1/2 months and starting to show lots of color!
  20. JaclynCali

    Baby Remi

    My beautiful little boy is 4 1/2 months now . I'm so excited to watch him grow!
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