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  1. Tanner Grisak

    Ambilobe Male

    Man he is killer! I love that almost white on his belly, congrats on that stud.
  2. Tanner Grisak

    8 month old -- Ambanja Male -- sired by Josie

    Very nice! Those banja blues are killing me! I'm so stuck between a faly and banja for my next cham and really can't decide lol.
  3. Tanner Grisak

    My colorful ambanja!

    :eek::eek::eek::eek: he's even better looking then his father !!! :D
  4. Tanner Grisak

    Some color for y'all.

    Holy RBBB! :D
  5. Tanner Grisak

    Couple of males were showing off today

    Felix is insane!! How old is he?
  6. Tanner Grisak

    For the tamatave haters...

    Defiantly the most non typical panther I've ever seen, and I really like it :)
  7. Tanner Grisak

    Warsaw- The Ambanja

    Wow.... :eek: I can't believe all that white, I love it! Please keep updating this guy with pictures!
  8. Tanner Grisak

    Starting to get some more color

    Looking good!
  9. Tanner Grisak

    First enclosure. Is this too much? Ideas, thoughts to improve?

    Looks great, I would add some live plants though.
  10. Tanner Grisak

    Skittles is getting pretty cool looking!!

    Very nice where is he from?
  11. Tanner Grisak

    Help:Plugged Mistking nozzles

    Soak the nozzle in hot water and then blow through it, always works for me with misters and drippers.
  12. Tanner Grisak

    Noki Baby ~ 6 months

    Wow, very nice for his age!
  13. Tanner Grisak

    Women, Chameleons and Dubia

    My chick loves my chams, she probably spends more time with them then I do.
  14. Tanner Grisak

    Gemini: 4 month old Ambanja

    What a looker! Wow, how old is he?
  15. Tanner Grisak

    Walker's just kickin' it...

    Holy cow, it looks like he's glowing with color! He is amazing, I can't wait to see his offspring
  16. Tanner Grisak

    Weeping fig vs umbrella tree

    Just get another umbrella, weeping figs loose so many leaves and are harder to keep alive in an enclosure IMO. And after you pay for shipping you'll at least have $40 in the plant, which is not worth it.
  17. Tanner Grisak

    panther age help

    Thanks I was thinking a little over a year old, anyone else?
  18. Tanner Grisak


    Is his tongue working properly when he does catch his own food?
  19. Tanner Grisak

    Rant: Why Veiled Chams should cost more.

    I'm not agreeing or disagreeing but supply and demand rules the prices of just about everything, whether we agree with it or not.
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