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  1. erik775

    Free to a good home comes with full setup.

    i am currently trying to re home my 7 year old sambava panther chameleon he eats and drinks well still ,given his old age! He comes with a full setup please local pick up only ! He is the chameleon on my profile picture. And He is from kammerflage kreations (el cid)...please let me know if you...
  2. erik775

    Free nosy be to a good home

    Hi! I have a nosy be from fl chams that I would like to re home .he is being let go for free to a good home . The reason why I am letting him go for free is because he has a skin issue and also cause I'm trying to down size on my chameleons in order to be able to work with other animals. the...
  3. erik775

    What is this?

    chameleons penis seems to be hanging's been like this for about 3 or 4 days...I was hoping it went back in but it hasn't...any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. erik775

    Ambilobe for sale local pick up

    I am looking to rehome my ambilobe I believe he is a yellow body blue bar...most of the time he is green with dark blue...he is super healthy and eats everything you throw in his cage he is about a year old ...the reason I am re homing him is because he is aggressive I am looking to only get...
  5. erik775

    Chameleon is an ahole

    so I'm trying to breed my ambilobes but my male is not having it what so ever!!! I tried putting my female in his cage but he wanted nothing to do with her...when I put her in his cage all he did was bit her like he didn't want her in his space!!! Oh yeah he didn't injur her tho...he is about...
  6. erik775

    Free cage

    I have a nice big cage just sitting in my back yard that I am giving away if any one wants to pick it up.the cause is about 4x4x6 so it's a nice sized might also need some new screen but you can also use it just like that the holes aren't that bad.i am in Southern California in the...
  7. erik775

    Clear film on chameleons eye (pictures)

    So yesterday night I got home and noticed my Cham had one eye closed ...but it was late and I didn't want to shower her so I let her sleep...this morning I showered her in warm water and she ended up opening her eye but now I noticed that she has like a clear film over her eye ball or something...
  8. erik775

    URI and closing one eye

    So I just got home today kind of late and noticed my nosy be seems to have an RI and seems to be closing her eye ...she opened it up but it seems to be bugging her so she closed it back up...
  9. erik775

    Cham has no grip..

    So I bought my cham some sticks from home depot . but they are too smooth and he can't get a firm grip on them..and also he has no nails cause he keeps trying to climb the screen cage and files them down...what could I do to the sticks so he can get a good grip???
  10. erik775

    Female sambava for trade female nosy be

    I have a very nice and healthy sambava girl from flchams that is about a year and a half old she eats every thing you give her and she is ready to breed .she has layed 2 infertile clutches...I'm looking to trade her locally for a female nosy be if interested please feel free to pm me with any...
  11. erik775

    Male not breeding.

    My male seems to not want to mate with my female...our female keeps walking by him and she seem to not be interested...he was doing a little head bobbing at first but nothing now...
  12. erik775

    Are these branches safe?

    I was in downtown LA yesterday and bought a manzanita tree and these branches I know that the manzanita tree is safe but are the other branches safe?they don't look like manzanita branches but they are cooool...
  13. erik775

    Little white buggs

    So I keep noticing little white gnat looking bugs on my hibiscus plant in my chams cage they are all mostly at the top of the plant close to the lights and every time I move the lights or turn the lights off the little bugs scatter but then land back in the same spots...any one have any idea...
  14. erik775

    Eggs keep being infertile...

    So I tried breeding my Sambavas twice already and both times the eggs were infertile one was a clutch of 16 and the one after was a clutch of 26 that are incubating rite now but alot of them are fuzzing up.I know my female is nice and healthy but my male on the other had is a little on the older...
  15. erik775

    Panther eggs

    I recently bought a exo Terra incubator...I know there not all that great...but its here now:( and I gotta use my problem is that the temp won't stay constant it keeps going from 71.7 to 75.0 through out the day...its like as soon as it gets to 71 the heat kicks on and it warms back up...
  16. erik775

    Home made incubator

    Any one know of any ways to make a good home made incubator?in thinking of getting two heating pads a styrafoam cooler and a temperature control plug guys think it would work ...¿or can some one point me in the right direction...
  17. erik775


    I'm in need of a good working incubator for a reasonable price my panther just played eggs and my house gets really cold on account of my house has no insulation at the moment...were remodeling... Local pick up preferred... I'm located in Pomona. ca
  18. erik775

    Egg temperature...

    Is it bad for the temperature of my panther eggs to constantly fluctuate between 69° and 75°?the temperature has been going up and down since I incubated them like 3 days ago...I'm eating for my incubator to come in the mail...
  19. erik775

    Sambava eggs

    I bred my sambava pair but I didn't think my male got her and my female ended up laying 26 do they look?if I candle them will I be able to tell if there is something inside?
  20. erik775

    Vermiculite weird smell

    My Panther recently laid eggs about 2 days ago and the make you light smells weird I think the ricky late is kind of old should I switch the vermiculite to new one or should it smell that way?
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