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  1. reptiledan4

    Worried about my female cham.

    I have a 8 month to a year old female veiled chameleon, who has been doing great, but as of late she has been digging at the bottom, and spending a lot of time down there. Have looked for eggs, but none found.Temp is good about 70-80, humidity is about 50-70, eats great.
  2. reptiledan4

    Two cages together

    I have 2 cages together. Should I put something, like cardboard or something in between them or is this ok. They are 1 male and 1 female vield chameleon
  3. reptiledan4

    breeding crickets

    I looked it up and did some research on breeding crickets. I got a tub and bought 150 crickets, put two little containers in it and keep the dirt moist for about 2 weeks, moved the containers to another tank with a heat lamp for about another 2 weeks or so, and nothing. Have done this twice...
  4. reptiledan4

    Just chilling out

    I just had to show you all this. This is my sons collard lizard, and he was just sitting on his rock yesterday and it cracked me up when I saw him. He stayed like this for about five min. or so.
  5. reptiledan4

    ate out of my hand

    Well, Sméagol finally ate out of my hand, which is progress, but he really likes mealworms and hardly eats any crickets,but seems to be doing fine with that. Any input on this would be great,thx.
  6. reptiledan4

    not eating

    I just got my chameleon, his name is smeagol. He seems to like his new home, he climbs all over, and seems happy, but he has not eating since I got him, 4 days ago. I tried putting a bowl next to a branch with crickets in it, but they just died in a couple of days, so then I tried putting him in...
  7. reptiledan4

    New here

    Just saying hi, just joined. I just got my cage done and waiting for the 3rd of October to get my chameleon at a reptile expo.
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