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  1. studio2eight

    Chameleon Related Christmas Gifts Anyone?

    I got this cool posable chameleon for drawing from 2 friends at work :) Jann, I love your new chameleon doll! And that pillow.. I just ordered one from pottery barn!
  2. studio2eight

    Baby born - not fully developed

    I had heard of Jackson's retaining sperm... and it just happened with my female. 5 months ago she had 8 babies. And today, she had 4 more. All are not fully developed and 3 were born dead. But I have one who is alive... He has no eyes. What should I do? Should I put him down? He cannot possibly...
  3. studio2eight

    Baby born - not fully developed

  4. studio2eight

    CB Jackson's For Sale

    ::bump:: My little ones are still available - $65 for males and $55 for females. They come with a health guarantee and have great little personalities. I can't keep them all!
  5. studio2eight

    CB Jackson's For Sale

    I have 3 males and 2 females available for sale. They are $75 for males, $65 for females plus shipping. We are located in south Florida. All very active and eating well - 5 months old November 16th! Please message me here or text 561.329.6131
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  8. Baby Jackson's For Sale

    Baby Jackson's For Sale

  9. studio2eight


    One of my Jackson's does it all the time.
  10. studio2eight

    My Nosy Be Akuma

    He's really stunning!
  11. studio2eight

    my jacksons getting skinny

    Hi! There are a few issues with your husbandry that should be fixed. There is an awesome care sheet here for Jackson's - Please get rid of the waterfall - they harbor bacteria. You should have your cage split into two temperatures, on...
  12. studio2eight

    Pygmy chameleon

  13. studio2eight

    Tribute to Hera

    I couldn't believe the title of this thread... I am SO sorry for your loss. Hera was simply beautiful.
  14. studio2eight

    My Halloween Costume

    As promised...
  15. studio2eight

    Halloween Costumes

    I found it on eBay :)
  16. studio2eight

    Halloween Costumes

    Anyone else dressing up? We have a costume contest at work - guess what I'm going to be? A Chameleon! I can't believe I found a ready made cham costume - pics will follow for sure ;)
  17. studio2eight

    The Baby Raiser

    really a wonderful setup!!
  18. studio2eight

    spider invasion

    I had the same problem, I get HUGE spiders where I live and I found them coming in the house after the free food. I finally had to break down and pay for professional pest control (bi-monthly) which has stopped the spiders thankfully. And it doesn't hurt the Chams or my other animals.
  19. studio2eight

    Funeral for your CHAM

    I cried all day and night when my first Panther Tragan passed away. He died in my hands as I was running through the emergency vet's doors. I was, and still am upset about his passing. I had him cremated :)
  20. studio2eight

    How much to sell babies for?

    Thank you for your help!
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