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  1. pamnsam94

    Quad Eyes

    Really nice pics Janet! I especially like the last two. The third one looks like he is smiling. :) You should enter that last one in the photo contest. Love the expressive eyes and the clarity of his tongue, eyes and the water droplets.
  2. You can't hide that belly!

    You can't hide that belly!

    gravid Gracie (Trioceros q. quadricornis)
  3. Photo 3

    Photo 3

  4. pamnsam94

    Sexing Gracilior Babies #1

    Were the crickets you fed from Ghann's?
  5. pamnsam94

    Bejeweled Tar Baby

    Funny, but I thought "brer" was "brier" because in the Disney movie, "Song of the South", there is a scene where Brer Rabbit tricks Brer Fox into throwing him into a brier patch in order to escape being Brer Fox's lunch. Against the slow-witted Brer Bear's suggestion to simply knock Brer...
  6. pamnsam94

    Bejeweled Tar Baby

    The only time I ever heard that term was in the Disney movie "Song of the South". The classic song, "Zippity Doo Dah" came from that movie. For a time, the full, original, unedited movie could only be bought from overseas sources (on eBay, etc.). It may still be that way. The movie, of course...
  7. pamnsam94

    Supplements for new babies

    Don't tell all the poison dart frog keepers on, including me, that you can't dust fruitflies. :) That's a primary food for their frogs and flies are dusted often. The finer supplements stick just fine, at least for a time. I like using Repashy supplements (calcium No D3 formula)...
  8. pamnsam94

    Pathetic Gracilior Baby

    Wow! A month already? Love to see pics of the others too. :)
  9. pamnsam94

    Panther vs Hummingbird

    That first shot is awesome! It would get my vote if it were in the photo contest. :)
  10. Photo 19

    Photo 19

  11. pamnsam94

    Baby Graciliors Two-Weeks Old

    I particularly like the first pic. Very nice pattern and it really shows the chartreuse green coloration that you mentioned.
  12. pamnsam94

    Mystery Plants! Help me identify please!

    You're welcome. Glad to help when I can. Long ago, I used to work in a green house, and I was in charge of the houseplants. If I walk in a store and I don't remember or can't identify a plant, I always look at the label. Gotta keep my memory sharp. :D I hate it though when plants aren't labeled...
  13. pamnsam94

    Mystery Plants! Help me identify please!

    The first plant is Pellionia pulchra. Dart frog keepers will often use them in vivariums. It's a pretty easy houseplant to take care of, but I'm not sure though how well it would do in a chameleon enclosure. Perry
  14. pamnsam94

    Calling all T. quadricornis keepers!

    His dorsal crest, especially on his tail, is one of my favorite things about him and one of the tallest I've seen. I have a male, Sherman, that came in with the February shipment that's not as large as TianLong, and he is developing a nice tail-fin too, although it remains to be seen just how...
  15. pamnsam94

    Calling all T. werneri keepers

    Looking forward to following this thread. Although I haven't kept them, I've come so close to pulling the trigger and getting some. I hope I haven't missed the boat with WC ones (for genetic diversity sake) because I don't see as many for sale right now as I did earlier in the year. Because of...
  16. pamnsam94

    catapillar I.D. is it safe? tells about this introduced European moth in northern Michigan Some sources discuss how the caterpillars are poisonous but to what is probably untested. Some keepers report how hornworms are poisonous due to the caterpillars...
  17. pamnsam94

    Calling all T. quadricornis keepers!

    Nice looking female Mike. What is her temperament like? Of the gracilior females I've encountered, it seemed like a much larger percentage of them, compared to quad quad females, were afraid. Every female gracilior I've seen in person has been very fearful, defensive, or aggressive, depending on...
  18. pamnsam94

    My First Hatchling Ever! T. q. gracilior

    Without seeing pics, it's hard to say, but the graying (kind of wet or thinning looking too?) areas that you are describing sound like something that is frequently seen in eggs about to hatch. You shouldn't worry though because there's really nothing you can do. Just let things take their...
  19. pamnsam94

    Calling all T. quadricornis keepers!

    Me too. If the different locales can be distinguished simply by different characteristics, then it would be possible to only breed gracilior of the same locale to each other. Like the O. pumilio dart frogs though, I would imagine that different locales might sometimes have animals that look...
  20. pamnsam94

    Calling all T. quadricornis keepers!

    That wasn't directed at you. ;) I just thought I'd mention it just in case anyone thought about crossing subspecies intentionally. If most of the people who purchased the gracilior went to keepers who are not familiar with the subspecies (e.g. people who don't use these forums), those...
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