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  1. arsnake

    tanzania rain system

    in tanzania there are some species of chamaleons , trioceros, bradypodion, kyniongia,rhampholeon... all trioceros from tanzania live beetwen 1000m a.s.l at 3000m a.s.l then we can set up the rain system in only one mode ... considering the right 2 rain season ... but for other...
  2. arsnake


    we need for one cage : uvb 5 % or 12% right? uva 30% right? lumens 25000/30000 right? hot shade must be the dominant shade ,for giveat light the correct color ,similar at sun color light, right'? there are other factor we must know?
  3. arsnake

    trioceros camerunensis info

    someone had expirience with this species ? someone can say me how breed this species ? temperature, humidity ecc?
  4. arsnake

    trioceros marsabitensis informations

    hi guys, i whis know the correct mode to breed this chamaleon in captivity... do you know temperature day , night and humidity informations?
  5. arsnake

    most cold temperature for chamaleons?

    what is species of chamaleon's that we know,that need more cold winter's temperature ? and what is the temperature ?
  6. arsnake

    hours of light?

    doing some research I found that with regard to all the chameleons of the African continent, there is the possibility of using a predefined standard of sunshine hours for all species ... I verified that the difference of day and night hours in the different periods of the year throughout Africa...
  7. arsnake

    there is someone can help me with my progect ?

    there is someone that wish help me with my progect? i had write in trioceros forum some question important for my program... if someone help me, when i ll finish,I will put the project made ​​in collaboration with chamaleonforum but i need help ... really... if someone from moderator can give...
  8. arsnake

    trioceros templeli elevations?

    trioceros templeli is endemic only from tanzania mountains muontains : kilimanjaro mt elevations? marangu mt elevations ? ubena mt elevations ? ukinga mt elevations ? uzungwe mt elevations ? only sure data please
  9. arsnake

    melleri informations

    good morning guys i whis know some informations about trioceros melleri.... i know that melleri distribuations is: malawi, nord mozambiko ,tanzania, .. but i listen that there is also melleri locality near savana ... do you know some about this locality ? it exist ? and do you can tell me...
  10. arsnake

    trioceros weidersheimi subspecies?

    can you tell me trioceros wedersheimi subspecies ? and can tell me distributions geographic and elevations about this subspecies ? only sure data please
  11. arsnake

    trioceros jacksonii subspecies elevation and distribuations ?

    trioceros jacksonii xantholophus trioceros jacksonii willegensis trioceros jacksonii meromuntanas trioceros jacksonii jacksonii i whis know geographic distribuations and elevation only sure data
  12. arsnake

    trioceros rudis subspecies?

    i know there is 2 sure sub species of trioceros rudis ... someone can tell me subspecies name and geographical distribuations and elevation ? only sure informations please
  13. arsnake

    Need help to descover informations about a lot of chamaleon

    good morning, i could need everyone help me for take informatons about all species of chamaleons ... i would like precise informations about their habitat ? thank s
  14. arsnake

    tongue problem

    female jhonstonii 7 months. shot his tongue to catch a cricket, he failed and his tongue is attached to the case, the jhonstonii tried to force successfully but the tongue is attached to a branch again, at this point jhonstonii has to get rid divincolata again and succeed, but the language has...
  15. arsnake

    kinyongia bohemei

    I'd like to know the perfect humidity and temperature? for the day and the night .... 2 I would like to know the best times in which to test the connection ... 3 methods of incubation and time? 4 I would like to know the colors of pigmentation during the coupling? this are the most important...
  16. arsnake

    kinyongia bohemmi informations

    there is anyone that know more informations for farm this species ?
  17. arsnake

    I'M BACK !!!! 1.1 kinyongia bohemii

    I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):) can you say me some informations about T. and Humidity for eggs incubations? and how many month of gestations? and for hacth after lay how long? when is the best time for coupuling this chamaleons? what season and what temperature? say me all you know about...
  18. arsnake

    melleri cb for sale italy

    0.0.15 melleri cb avaiable... conctat for inormations or photo : or you can concact me here
  19. arsnake

    trioceros melleri cb

    availability chameleons: trioceros melleri cb 0.0.15 Rudis 0.1 R Brevicaudatus 0.1 for you information and photos, please contact me, can pick veronareptiles +393454800408
  20. arsnake

    mouth problem

    problem that could result in closure of the mouth and pain in swallowing? 2 days is that the new arrival Meru Jackson does not eat and you do not hydrate. approaches the leaf to drink but can not open his mouth. drink and eat only opening it forcefully causing additional stress ... is an example...
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