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  1. luvbug237

    2016 Chameleon Calendar

    We are an impatient group aren't we?! :D at least you know how much we love the calendar!!
  2. luvbug237

    male veiled having trouble feeding, one eye larger than the other

    For us to help the best we can please fill out the How To Ask For Help questionnaire :)
  3. luvbug237

    2016 Calendar - Panther Chameleons

    #6 for sure! What a rainbow of color!
  4. Squirt


  5. Squirt


  6. luvbug237

    The Great Grand Experience

    Happy birthday Squirt and to all the great grands out there :D
  7. luvbug237

    Romeo's offspring pic-a-thon!!! Post your baby!

    Since I can't post the same picture twice I wanted to link my thread here :) This is Mojo from this morning
  8. luvbug237

    Mojo this morning :)

    I just wanted to show how incredibly handsome he was this morning! Just melts my heart how happy he looks! He will be two years old tomorrow!
  9. luvbug237

    Parsonii Hatching!

    This thread just melts my heart! I love Parsonii so much, they are so beautiful but also remind me of little dinosaurs which I love! I love watching them grow! :D Keep it up!
  10. luvbug237

    Oven Fumes...

    I'm a happy momma :D I got vitamin A from the vet and just after his first dose yesterday Mojo woke up SO active this morning. Both eyes wide open and he wasn't rubbing them at all :D
  11. luvbug237

    Oven Fumes...

    I'm going to be getting some vitamin A supplements from the vet today :) better safe than trying to do it myself with human vitamins. I don't want to overdose my baby! Do you think that I should get 10.0 or 5.0 UVB tube bulbs? I am thinking because they don't get hardly any sun that I...
  12. luvbug237

    Oven Fumes...

    Can I purchase vitamin A capsules for humans and put that on feeders for him?
  13. luvbug237

    Oven Fumes...

    I think his lack of vitamin A is a little more of an issue than the vet was leading on. She said i was slightly off and nothing to worry about but after reading around on here it seems like vitamin A deficiency will leads to eye problems. Mojo only wants to keep on eye open sometimes and still...
  14. luvbug237

    Oven Fumes...

    Here is was at the vet showing off :) The second one was after he got his little butt poked to get blood. I had never seen his eyes sunken in like that before. It broke my heart but also made me giggle a few times.
  15. luvbug237

    Oven Fumes...

    Mojo had his vet appt on Monday and had blood work done. He is just fine :D Everything came back normal expects his vitamin A was just a tad under normal levels. I do give them multi vitamin but I may need to increase their intake just a little since they really don't get a whole lot of...
  16. luvbug237

    Sad Christmas day.

    Wonderful news!!! :D Too bad about the wife situation though... for being in the healthcare field you think she would have some empathy for all creatures. At any rate, I hope your little girl makes it through all this!
  17. luvbug237

    Sad Christmas day.

    Great idea above looking at night!
  18. luvbug237

    Sad Christmas day.

    Never give up!! They LOVE crawling in tight spaces for some reason so look in ever corner... under every dresser/cabinet. She is there my friend and you need to keep looking.
  19. luvbug237

    SHAZAAM! A very unique Ambilobe

    Wow he is wicked awesome! :)
  20. luvbug237

    Oven Fumes...

    Thank you Laurie and everyone :) they really are my babies (since I won't be having any of my own human babies) and they mean everything to me! :D
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