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  1. Nylah712


    I've noticed my cham being very different for the past two weeks. He has been staying near the bottom of his cage, sleeping in the middle of the day, and he has been a dark color. Please help! Your Chameleon - Panther Chameleon, male, 3 years old, I've had him for 3years Handling - Normally I...
  2. Nylah712

    Crickets procreating

    Hi so I’ve been having an issue with my crickets. I don’t breed them and usually buy 50crickets each week for my adult male chameleon. Recently I’ve been seeing tiny cricket larvae in the cricket cage. I’ve also seen dead ones in my cham’s cage(I’ve cleaned them out of course). Is their anyway...
  3. Nylah712

    Little larva/eggs in cricket and chameleon cage

    So I’ve just noticed little larva/egg looking ovals in my Chams cage. I’ve cleaned them all out and cleaned the cage as well as the cricket cage. I have no clue how they got there but my guess is that they came from the crickets. I get my crickets from petco. Any suggestions how to get rid of...
  4. Nylah712

    Is this unusual

    My Cham has been staying on the branch for a few days now and he only really moves to get food. I’ve adjusted the temp so it is at the correct setting but I think my thermometer might be wrong. He is at the middle of his cage at the moment as seen in the photos. Is this unusual and should I be...
  5. Nylah712

    I moved my Cham into a bigger cage!

    So on Sunday I moved him from a medium reptibreeze to a large dragon stand keeper cage. He was fine until Monday and that’s when I noticed he was handing out in the bottom branches. He fell once off a branch so I don’t know what to do? I’m leaving on vacation soon and I thought I might just put...
  6. Nylah712

    Mist King attachment to different nozzle and tubing

    Hello, so my Monsoon RS 400 broke down after a year of working and I recently bought a MistKing starter kit. The tubing and nozzles I had from the monsoon are permanent on the cage and I was wondering if I could use the Mistking system itself but, use the nozzles and tubings from the monsoon? Is...
  7. Nylah712

    Should I put him in a bigger cage?

    So my Cham is about 7-8 months old now and he is currently in a reptibreeze medium. I have a dragon strand keeper cage that I was going to wait to put him in till he was old enough. But now he seems big enough to the point where the reptibreeze is a bit too small.
  8. Nylah712

    Sunken eyes?

    Does this look like sunken eyes to you? I’ve seen him drink and his poop is white.
  9. Nylah712

    Staple Feeder? V.S. Treats?

    So originally I have going to have super worms, hornworms, and crickets as staple feeders/treats....the worms would be givin every other day. But, after looking through some forums I’ve realized that the supperworms were not to be given as a staple/treat but more of a once a week part of the...
  10. Nylah712

    What heat bulb watt?

    Hey so I’ve been experimenting with the heat bulb so I could get the perfect temperature for masking. At the moment I am using a 60watt that gets the basking up to 87 degrees. That is too high for a 4 month old so, I tried a 50 watt, but I found that it only went up to 78 degress at the basking...
  11. Nylah712

    What are the best feeders for 4 month olds?

    Hey I’m a soon-to-be chameleon owner but I’m curious on feeders. My roommates wouldn’t approve of roches or flying insects so I’ve resorted to focusing on worms and crickets. Before I get him, I want to get a good idea of what is healthiest for him. Do you have any suggestions on what...
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