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    Possibly a sinus infection.
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    5th instar silkworms, stop eating, not making silk, starve to death (Australia)

    I use silkworm chow and haven’t had any problems with silk production.
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    Bill Strand New video series “perfect Christmas Gifts for Cham Owners” on you tube now!

    On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…
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    Always watching…always. ;)
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    Hammy and Ivy Baby Thread

    Hammlet was looking exceptionally handsome this just about every morning. 🥰
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    show me the coolest chameleon types

    Here ya go. So cool they even have a thumb!
  7. MissSkittles

    Favorite movie or show

    Fogies. *I was around in the day of Betamax, so am including myself.
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    What are Some of Your Favorite Songs and Music Videos?

    Hard to believe it’s been 40 years since I first saw this and became a fan. Still sounds great and I’m still a fan! 💗
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    Attaching plants to walls

    Regardless of which way you attach things, for plants make sure to use the 2 pot method. You attach an empty plant pot and then can just slide a potted plant in/out. This makes it easy to change plants as needed.
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    Baby Panther

    I am really bad at sexing panthers. I want to say girl, but I am usually wrong. This may help.
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    Hank and Emma baby thread!

    I’m trying not to bombard her with pics and let her fully settle in, but here’s my sweet little Kali this morning. Just woke up and getting into her basking spot. Making her way over to breakfast.
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    tons of questions on handling

    This is a great blog to check out. Patience is your biggest asset. Food is a great motivator.
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    any tips for begginers

    Read everything you can here and explore the entire site, even if you feel it doesn’t relate to you. Do listen to the podcasts too as they contain so much great info. Check out/binge watch Neptune the...
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    YG baby

    Love this pic! Love that face! 🥰
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Wishing all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! For those who don’t celebrate it, have a beautiful and happy day! 💗
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    That is beyond sweet! 🥰
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    Cage size?

    Good to know for sure about Jackson’s enclosure size. (y) The only Jackson’s I’ve seen irl were very small.
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    Farewell, Sammy

    I’m sorry you lost him. 😢 Keep him close to your heart.
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    Supplementation discussion

    I’d have to say I’m always more concerned about under supplementing. I use ReptiCalcium without D3 every feeding, and no concerns about that. Once every two weeks I use Reptivite with D3, and as mentioned in a recent post, it often looks as though it doesn’t stick to the feeders. I have to...
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