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  1. Harley510

    Suggestions ?

    I have a reptibreeze large all set up as i’ve been using for almost a year now i believe. it’s full of hides and places for her to bask/climb/overall explore. She’s a female veiled chameleon roughly a year old, about 10-12 inches long.
  2. Harley510

    Cage Aggressive Cham

    i’d recommend building trust and a solid bond so the chameleon recognizes you as everything but a threat. my female was the same way until i started hand feeding her worms and roaches. hand feeding helped mine out a LOT. any time i stick my hand in there palm up she thinks i’m giving her food...
  3. Harley510

    Suggestions ?

    i recently bought a repti breeze XL and i’m waiting for the order of everything to come into my work so i can pay for y’all the stand and everything else to decorate it. Any suggestions on how i should set it up? I’m gonna put the plant i have currently in the new cage along with the sticks and...
  4. Harley510

    Been a while fellas

    Haven’t been on the forums recently ( by recent i mean like a good 4+ months ) This is my female veiled that’s roughly a year old now :) I’m still waiting on her to lay her eggs but pretty soon i plan on getting her into a reptibreeze XL ( currently she’s in the Large version of the cage...
  5. Harley510

    Thoughts ?

    i dug her hole for her and nothing yet she hasn’t even bothered to look at it by what i see. on a good note the soil i got can hold a tunnel very well lol
  6. Harley510

    Thoughts ?

    what about food/water? i know i could give her a heavy misiting and she’ll be fine on food for a day or so. should i just cover the sides or just throw a sheet over?
  7. Harley510

    Thoughts ?

    she’s still eating a good amount of crickets every other day. and around 6 PM i see her patiently waiting for her lights to shut off ( she sleeps in the back right corner almost every night )
  8. Harley510

    Thoughts ?

    The picture above was 2 hours ago on the dot. The following was about 8 days ago
  9. Harley510

    Thoughts ?

    Since about late november ( around thanksgiving ) i’ve noticed she’s looked gravid. And since then shes gotten a little fatter visually speaking. I think i may be able to see one of her formed eggs ( picture below ) and i check her cage every day to see if she has been digging test tunnels but...
  10. Harley510

    200 bucks

    you can ask your family members if they need any chores done or go on craigslist for a cash in hand job
  11. Harley510

    Why is Greedo so light colored this evening?

    Maybe he was a little tired this evening ? My veiled gets extremely lime colored around 1-2 hours before her lights shut off usually.
  12. Harley510

    Why is Greedo so light colored this evening?

    Does he usually turn lighter around his bedtime/when he sleeps?
  13. Harley510


    You should also give it to the feeders. I know my veiled doesn’t eat too many of her greens so gutloadin is something you should get used to doing :)
  14. Harley510

    Angry veild chamelion

    When I first got my female veiled she was the same way. I’ve had her for almost 6 months and after a LOT of hand feeding any time i put my hand in there palm up toward her she looks directly at my palm and expects food. Even tries to eat my hand sometimes :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:. Veileds have a lot...
  15. Harley510

    Order of the morning routine? need advice?

    I have my lights turn on at 7:30 everyday and off at 7:30 everyday. So for me it’s 1) lights 2) put crickets in the cricket cup i made 3) clean up any droppings 4) misting :)
  16. Harley510


    My female veiled is the same way. When i put the black end of the digital thermometer near her she puffs up and does that. Same with new people near her
  17. Harley510

    New set up :^)

    If it does then i’ll just replace it. I don’t think it will though.
  18. Harley510

    New set up :^)

    It’s a cloth bag so it’ll soak up a good amount of the water. it’s also on top of a old mini fridge so if water does somehow leak out it’s not a huge deal. and i have a 100 watt daylight bulb with a 5.0 uvb bulb
  19. Harley510

    Charlie 6.5 month now

    i love his colors ! makes me wish i could get a male panther :LOL:
  20. Harley510

    I selected my baby!!

    lol what inspired the name ? sons of anarchy ? :oops:
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